PUBG Solos & Duos | Chicken Gets Eaten

The Sim Gamer PUBG Solos & Duos on Xbox One X. This video is of me initially getting in some warm up games, before eventually linking up with my friend to run some duos. After a few games we have a nice 8 Kill Combined game (4 each) and pick up the Chicken Dinner in an intense game. I’m not the best but i just love to compete and play.

This footage was taken from our stream:

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TSG MADDEN 17: Season 3 Power Rankings

With 2 Seasons in the books & Season 3 just getting underway, this is the perfect time to look back and evaluate where everybody stands so far through 2 full seasons of the TSG Madden 17 CF. There are NO surprises in the Top 2 after the Seasons these guys have had, although before the Franchise started, I don’t know if anyone other than himself, would of predicted where he would stand going into Season 3. Continue reading TSG MADDEN 17: Season 3 Power Rankings

Madden Ultimate Team Brings Back Alternate Uniforms, Trade Block & More

EA has posted an overview blog on Madden Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 17. Alternate uniforms (including rarely seen CFM relocation uniforms) and trade block are making their return with H2H Unlimited Events replacing H2H Seasons.
Continue reading Madden Ultimate Team Brings Back Alternate Uniforms, Trade Block & More

NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

The Panthers lead the way in the NFC with the team ratings for Madden NFL 17 despite losing the top rated cornerback in the video game (Josh Norman) and a few other solid contributors from last season. One factor to remember however is that Kelvin Benjamin will be back and he alone will make the offense more dynamic.

The Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Cowboys follow closely behind. Arizona and Carolina have tied for the best offense while the best defense resides in Seattle. Continue reading NFC Team Ratings For Madden NFL 17

Best & Worst Teams In Madden 17

The player ratings for the entire league are now available for Madden NFL 17, and that allows for some analysis on how teams stack up to begin the coming season.

The Patriots, Seahawks, and Cowboys begin with the strongest base rosters for the game. The 49ers, Chargers, and Browns will be entering with the weakest rosters. Continue reading Best & Worst Teams In Madden 17

AFC Team Ratings For Madden 17

In what may be the first case ever of a reigning Super Bowl Champion entering the next Madden rated the same as a team that went 3-13, both the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans begin Madden NFL 17 rated 82 Overall.

Denver of course lost Peyton Manning (while terrible last year he still had a good Madden rating) and Brock Osweiler, replacing them with Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch. QB obviously drives a big part of a team Overall. Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan also departed in free agency. Denver is tied with the Browns for the distinction of having the worst offense in the AFC but trail only the Chiefs as the conference’s best defense. Continue reading AFC Team Ratings For Madden 17

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