Madden 12 Superstar Mode Details

IGN has posted the first news relating to Superstar mode in Madden NFL 12. Players will start with a 60 overall rating and have to work up from that using games and practices to earn points and distribute to ratings categories at the user’s discretion. Tendencies and “player roles” have also been added to provide another level of customization to how an individual plays on the field.

Essentially it sounds just like the typical career mode without anything revolutionary being introduced but at least some work has been put into Superstar after a few years of ignoring it. My concern remains that certain positions will have a significant advantage on gaining attribute points which has always been the case. As someone who likes to play as a corner practices have proven to be complete time wasters and the CPU had to be baited to even throw to my side of the field in games. There has to be better recognition of playing well beyond simple statistics to make those positions more rewarding.

One thought on “Madden 12 Superstar Mode Details”

  1. Nice enough mode. My player on the 2k games has surpassed Maddens Superstar mode but with the additions and changes I may give it a try if it’s more like EA’s Road to Masters Tiger Woods game.

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