NCAA Football 12 Online Dynasty Adds Super Sim Coaching and Web Advancement

Thanks to a screen grab of a loading screen in NCAA Football 12 posted over at The Gaming Tailgate we now know the first few new features for Online Dynasty. The web integration for the mode, which last year introduced the ability to recruit and change depth charts, will now allow for commissioners to advance weeks. Users will also be able to call games against the CPU with ‘Super Sim’ providing a new element of strategy for those who would rather manage than play.

As a commissioner firing up the game with the sole purpose of advancing weeks has represented arguably the most irritating task of running an OD so making that possible to complete right from the web will be a welcome addition. What isn’t completely clear is whether “calling your games against the CPU” is exclusively a web feature or if that is an expansion of the ‘Super Sim’ feature in general. The way it is phrased it could be interpreted either way.

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