Welcome To Your New Home

Some of you may have signed into thesimgamer.net & felt like your lost or in the wrong place, you are not.  It’s the same place, just a new space & design.  We are always working as hard as possible to bring you the best News, Gaming & Leagues along with building our website.  Expect to hear more from us, more of our opinions, thoughts, ideas.  We want everyone to help build the community bigger than ever, we are 100+ strong growing in numbers daily.  Together let us build a future in this gaming universe together, build a place where cheesers/cheaters don’t win.

As you get adjusted to the new site, you will see a new forums section.  In that section is now where u sign the rules, waiting list, ect.  That is also our “Members Section” so in a sense we can see who is in our SimNation.  Feel free to post whatever you like there and if you are interested in blogging with us, just contact: JERSEY REBEL, Tonic222, Jesmonkey69.  We look forward to the future and the many great things to come. GAME ON!!

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