The Battle Of The Bowes: The Search for the Perfect Riddick Bowe (Xbox 360)

Over on the EA Sports forums they have the battles of the best created boxers on fight night, in one guys eyes, CoolVegasguy, our very own Jesmonkey69 has one of the best Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe’s out there. Here is what he had to say:

Ok, first off, you can’t call your boxer Riddick Bowe because the EA servers will think you’re saying a bad word.
Secondly, until a couple days ago I thought I was in the running for one of the best Bowes, and now again I’m happy to say I think I’ve been outdone. I went through about 25 CABs, and three out of the five best ones IMHO just were uploaded in the last couple days.

And again, of course this is all subjective, and those of you who have created your own Bowe may still think your Bowe is better. To each his own.

Here are the five finalists based on facial features only…

From left to right: CoolVegasguy, Jesmonkey69, Picaso360, DRB 27, pRoFeSsA KlUmP

Here again I feel I’ve been outdone by Jesmonkey69 and Picaso360 as they would be my pick for the top two Bowes. pRoFeSsA KlUmP’s and mine are similar, it just depends if you want your Bowe to have no expression or be worried. And if you want a wild-eyed Bowe coming after you, DRB 27’s the one. In fact, I think you should download all five and decide for yourself after putting them in the game and looking at instant replay. But surely one of these five are worth four or five stars.

For my top two choices, I have the following suggestions for their creators…
Jesmonkey69 – For people who are going to change the hair and facial hair, on that side view of Bowe his chin sure sticks out a lot and looks awful pointy. Maybe a minor tweak for the side view?
Picaso360 – Maybe open his eyes just a tad more. And I remember Bowe having cornrows, but when did he ever have an Afro?

Otherwise IMHO these two really nailed the look. But like I said, I think they all deserve a download and look in the game if you want your perfect Bowe. Anyway, just my two cents…

R Big Daddy Bowe – Jesmonkey69
big daddy Bowe – Picaso360
B Daddy Bowe 2 – CoolVegasguy

So you have seen the “Top 5”, what do you think of the Bowe’s? Which one do you think is best? Should “Big Daddy” be in the game as DLC? Tell us want you think in the comments below.

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