Sim Gaming, What’s That? One Man’s View Of TSG & What Sim Gaming Is

Alot of people over the years have asked me, “Hey Jersey, what’s all this talk about TSG, sim gaming, sim-style play & sportsmanship, who cares it’s just a video game. By the way what is sim gaming anyway.” Although I can’t speak for all sim-style clans, leagues, forums, groups, ect., the one thing I can speak on is what sim gaming/sim-style means for us at TSG.

TSG stands for mutual respect & sportsmanship amongst leaugue members, who like to compete in virtual gaming in/out of our league, without exploiting the game by using cheats, flaws or glitches to win or embarrass your opponent. For example, almost all sim leagues have rules because video games are not made perfect & the rules help make a more realistic play. One of the most common rules in a sim football league is mix up your playbook.  This rule is there because in past football sims games,the passing to the RBs,drag routes,and toss plays have been a little cheesy. Now at times you may have to go to one of those plays because of the football situation you are in. But to run say the drag route on 1st down in the I, 2nd down in ACE & 3rd down in STRONG. This is not mixing up your playbook, it is picking the same play just in a different formation. If this is what you are doing, I feel as though you are playing sim within the rule, but are not playing sim football. That is my opinion as a TSG sim gamer on what sim means. Please follow us @jerseyrebel856 & @thesimgamer on twitter, feel free to comment below

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