“The Hump”

Welcome to my new sports column, 100 Words Or Else by me Craig Cook aka zombie71. I am a gigantic Dallas Cowboys & Washington Wizards fan. In my blogs you will here varying opinions on sports, life, TV or whatever comes to my mind. Without further ado here is my blog.

In sports as in life we face obstacles, in sports the obstacles are often referred to as “the hump”.  In this bloggers opinion, the Dallas Mavericks are about to clear the hump,  more specifically their All-Star forward Dirk Nasty.  Dirk Nowitzki usually & unjustly in my opinion, has been all to commonly referred to as soft, “can’t win/never win the big one”, “playoff choker”, etc.;  all of this for a career All-Star, 1st ballot Hall of Fame Player.   This is the Mavericks year, its Dirk’s year,   they won’t have a better chance than now.  The Lakers & Spurs, their old nemesis are gone, with whispers of D12 on his way in the future to help Kobe.  Coach Rick Carlisle has jump started this team along with Mr. Nasty’s new commitment to play defense, thanks in part to the addition of Center Tyson Chandler. Defense is something rarely if ever seen in big D, when we refer to the Mavericks.

Could this also be the year another big D sports star clears the hump? The Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Just the mere mention of his name invokes arguments: is he a leader?, does he care more about being a star?, can he win the big one?, etc. The pressure of following two Hall of Fame quarterbacks is enough of a hurdle, now throw in the loser tag & a half-year lost due to injury, where his replacement (40 yr old John Kitna) looked good. Now you got a gigantic hump after going from Super Bowl Favorite to a top 10 NFL Draft selector, one bigger than the one he hurdled a few years back after finally winning a playoff game.  The grass looks greener on the other side tho with new Head Coach Jason Garrett (whose offense stepped up under his stint as interim HC) & new Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan (Son of Buddy, Bro of Rex) could be the difference. With a greater emphasis on ball control & a few more turnovers from the defense, Romo could shine, if not he will be out the door having never seen the other side of “the hump”.

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