Mortal Kombat HotFix (May 22), Full Patch/DLC Coming In June

NetherRealm Studios has announced that today it has released a “Hot Fix” for its latest installment of the MK Franchise on both the Xbox 360 & PS3. This hot fix is before the upcoming full patch and DLC for the years hottest fighting game. Things are looking good for this game as they could have just waited until June for the patch to arrive (hopefully solving intermittent lag issues) but they decided to do some minor tweaks and tuning ahead of that. Kung Lao has been dominating tourneys, Baraka and Sheeva are very low on the tier lists.  With this update & the one to come it looks like it has solved this issue.

The first two downloadable characters will be Kenshi, a blind swordsman first introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and Skarlet, a red female character based on a glitch in Mortal Kombat II. Besides the patch, the upcoming DLC also contains some “free stuff”. Skarlet was actually added to Mortal Kombat following a glitch in a previous game, which would turn Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile and some of the female characters red.  The character was eventually released in the Mortal Kombat 3 game, but as she was left unnamed, the community decided to call her Skarlet. There had been previous reports that Skarlett would be appearing in the Mortal Kombat game, but she wasn’t officially announced until March 27th.

For future downloadable characters, they plan to use the DLC capability to give players characters never-before seen in the series or characters that appeared in Mortal Kombat 4 and later. Ed Boon has been cited as explaining that the DLC will not be locked code contained on the disc where players will have to purchase codes to unlock the DLC. The development team rather plans for players to download the actual character data. The development team has gone on to say that the immediate issue that arises with downloadable content on Mortal Kombat would be the ability for players who do not have the DLC to battle those who have downloaded the DLC. One idea put forward to fix this issue would be that all players will be able to download a free character so that players “get everything” but the developers have continued to say that the solution to this issue is yet to be found. For a full list of today’s hot fix notes, future patch notes & DLC information read the list below.

Current Hotfix Patch Notes:

  • Kung Lao: Reduced combo damage by 20%.
  • NightWolf: Reduced combo damage by 2%.
  • Reptile: Reduced combo damage by 12%.
  • Scorpion: Reduced combo damage by 2%.
  • Sub-Zero: Reduced overall damage by 2%.
  • Baraka: Increased combo damage.
  • Baraka: B + FK, FP combo is now a true popup.
  • Baraka: Corner infinite has been removed.
  • Cyrax: Net reset has been removed.
  • Kano: Changed F + FK to a low block.
  • Kano: Reduced damage for Ball.
  • Kano: Reduced recovery time on Upball.
  • Kitana: Increased damage scaling after enhanced ground fan toss.
  • Sheeva: Increased combo damage.
  • Sonya: Block infinite has been removed.
  • Stryker: X-ray hitboxes fixed.

What To Expect From The Full Patch:

  • Cyber Sub-Zero: Bomb is going to be fixed in some way.
  • Kabal: Block infinite removed.
  • Kabal: Dash recovery time changed.
  • Kitana: Reduced damage for fans.
  • Nightwolf: Throw no longer punished by Reptile’s dash.
  • Quan Chi: Will be nerfed, Rune trap removed.
  • Sindel: Infinite removed.
  • Smoke: OTG removed.
  • Sonya: Stun ability buffed again.
  • Sub Zero: Crouching corner freeze glitch removed.
  • Net code will be much better with less input delay and less choppy.
  • Training mode will not be fixed in this patch but sometime in the future.
  • All parry glitches removed.

What To Expect From The Upcoming DLC:

  • Klassic Costumes available as DLC
  • Skarlet available as DLC
  • Skarlet will be A+ tier.
  • Kenshi will be DLC
  • Kenshi will be a totally different character. More emphasis on him being a swordsman.
  • Bo Rai Cho is not coming as DLC.
  • Motaro is not coming as DLC.

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