Memorial day, the official start of summer. So bring it on, the beach, the water parks, the smile of A pretty girl. It’s that special magic of summer everybody is out and about looking to meet someone new. The idea of new love. Maybe today I’ll meet the woman of my dreams, or at the very least a girl I can make some new summertime memories with. But it’s more that that, it’s the smell of fresh cut grass, the convertible cars, the ice cream shops. Summer in America is awesome. We have everything to make having fun possible. But the truth is the most fun I ever had was catching fireflies in the back yard when I was a kid. I thought the whole world was in my back yard the stars were so bright the air was warm and I didn’t have to go to bed early for school. I would give any amount of money for just one more summer as a kid. One more day with my best friend Neal riding our bikes. One more night at Ricky’s house eating his mom’s cookies. One more summer with my big brother who passed away. Summer is about memories, so let’s go make some new ones. Have a great summer everybody.

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