10 Things To Know About Battlefield 3

It is a self evident truth that one cannot hype themselves up for a game sufficiently without knowing the new features it will bring to the table. Battlefield 3 is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, and it is certainly worth getting excited over. We have seen it in action and for those who haven’t been following it, (and why not?) here’s a brief run-down of the ten reasons why you should start getting yourself psyched up for Battlefield 3.

An animated affair

Have you seen the gameplay footage for Battlefield 3 yet? It really speaks for itself. The new ANT animation system adopted for BF3 brings the game’s animations to life like never before. Forget the best animations in a Battlefield title, these look like the best animations in an FPS game yet. Not only do NPCs look realistic, but player actions like crawling (yeah that’s right, prone position makes a return in BF3) and interacting with the environment look as smooth as ever.

A blast from the past

Takes me back…

Karkand. Those were the good old days. Now you can relive them with the Back to Karkand DLC pack. Even better news is that it’s free if you pre-order your copy of BF3. Fans of old will get to relive the glory days, but with the added benefits of recent BF games like new weapons and destructible environments. New fans just get a four sweet maps for free. A win win situation to be sure.

A globe trotting adventure

It’s about to go down

The single player introduced in the Bad Company side series was good, but it seems like a mere warm up in comparison to what Battlefield 3 will offer us. An entire level’s worth of footage got leaked to the web, and it showed off a more dynamic and immersive narrative than ever before. The campaign also seems set to take you all around the world to all kinds of places like Paris, Tehran, Sarajevo, Sulaymaniyah, New York, Wake Island and Oman. It seems set to blow the lid on the stories offered by competing titles in the genre.

Bringing back the PC crowd

Going back to the times when PC shooters ruled the roost

The console focused Bad Company sub series may have left a bad taste in the mouths of PC gaming Battlefield fans, but BF3 shows that they have certainly not been forgotten. Whereas other previously PC only series have since abandoned the fans that made their fortunes, Battlefield 3 is being developed with PC as the lead system. Expect a fresh and trouble-free PC gaming experience, and not the rushed, ported crap that PC players seem to be subjected to these days.

Affecting sound effects

A rocket launcher won’t exactly fire silently, now will it?

How many games can you think of where the audio just seems to be going on in the background without any real impact? Lost count yet? BF3 seems adamant to not fit into this category, with many suspense creating effects such as camera shakes, rumble and other features being set off by the in-game sound effects. It sounds like it will add to the game’s immersion and, when it comes to the suspension of disbelief, every little helps.

Big scale multiplayer

It just wouldn’t be Battlefield without the massive maps

With so many shooters with so many multiplayer modes available on the market, what innovation can be achieved these days? Thankfully for the Battlefield franchise, it is one of the premier experiences of large scale multiplayer. Expect some seriously large maps with up to 64 player support on PC. Read that back to yourself. That’s a big number. Consoles will still offer 24 player, but we all know that the PC is where it’s at.

A battle on all fronts

Tanks and infantry: The perfect combo

With such large scale environments and maps on offer, it would be a real shame if you were restricted to walking from A to B. It’s a good thing then that Battlefield 3 looks set to have us covered. The transport trucks, tanks and helicopters we know and love are sure to appear, but the fighter jets of older BF games will be included as well. If all you’ve experienced of Battlefield are the Bad Company games, get ready to be amazed.

A graphical powerhouse

Them’s some tasty visuals right there

Sure we’ve already touched on BF3′s awesome animations, but have we also taken the time to admire the scenery? Damn, it looks good. The lighting possibilities offered by the new and improved Frostbite 2 engine help the game’s settings really stand out. Let’s hope the game isn’t too challenging, as I get the feeling I’ll be too distracted by the game’s awesome visuals to focus properly on what I’m shooting.

More perks than ever before

Some of the pre-order weapon mods already look unique and interesting

The announcement of the physical warfare pack on offer to those who pre-order at selected retailers has met with criticism for giving some players an early advantage. I don’t wish to step into that particular minefield of a debate here, but there is an interesting element of the pack that deserves your attention. The pack includes, not only the DAO-12 shotgun but also, flechette ammo for the DAO that can tear through light cover. The notion of new bullet types on this scale is an indicator of the kinds of new and intricate perks we can see unlocking in the game’s new levelling up system. Expect greater class customisation than in previous BF games.

Appetite for destruction

Was it necessary? No. Was it satisfying? Hell yeah!

I hate the Bad Company games. A big claim I know, but they’ve almost entirely ruined other shooting games for me. I’m chasing down some fools in Crysis 2, but all I can think of is “why can’t I blow a whole through the wall they just ran behind?” Well, as in the Bad Company games, you can do this in BF3. It doesn’t stop there though. With the new version of the Frostbite engine in tow, destructible environments will reach a whole new zenith in BF3. From bullet fire chipping concrete to whole buildings falling at the touch of a well-placed C4 explosive, you’ve got a whole lot of game-changing realism to look forward to when Battlefield 3 launches in this fall.

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