TSG’s 1st Official Podcast

Above is TSG’s 1st Official Podcast, about our Madden 11 LG, the upcoming NCAA 12 Dynasty, Madden 12 LG & a little NBA Finals talk. Unfortunately it took me 2 days to upload the podcast due to having internet issues so my prediction for Game 2 came true (even though off on the score). Check out the video for the 1st Official TSG Podcast.  Sorry if bad audio/video this is my first podcast attempt, please leave comments at the bottom of the post.

5 thoughts on “TSG’s 1st Official Podcast”

    1. Please someone knock this fool off his throne lol. Patriot player reactions lmao, what’s next ur officially changing ur GT to DA CHAMP. There will b no 3 rings!

  1. I noticed that I wasn’t mentioned in the playoff talk, probably cuz I’ve lost 2 in a row. I take that as a personal challenge!

    Gotta sweep McKay today. Rams: 11-5

  2. Belichick: “Coach Jackson>>>myself”

    Parcells: “47-4 regular season record, 6-0 in playoffs; I can only dream of those #s”

    Lombardi: “Winning is the only thing the NE Champs do”

  3. Atlanta Metro News: Reports that the city of Atlanta is hungry for a superbowl ring and believes this is there year!

    Coach KoRn had this to say, “We are in the middle of a heavy playoff push. We are going to try to keep our three game win streak alive and head into the playoffs.”

    “We still have a few key pieces on IR (TE Greg Olsen and DT Kelly Gregg) who are instrumental to our offense and defense.”

    Getting rookie CB Takoby Jean-Louis back this week should be a huge lift for the Falcons as they go into planning for the New Orleans Saints this week. So to all Falcons Fans this could be our year…..Go Falcons!

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