It’s gonna be sweet

Without any doubt the NFL lockout will end. We don’t know when, but we know there is way too much money on the table for all these very rich guys to walk away. I herd a really smart NFL analyst say at the start of the lockout that this won’t end until the loss of money is threatened. We are not at that point yet but it’s coming soon. The sad part about all of this is when it does end we will all feel so good about the start of football that we will forget all the back and forth, all the shots of NFL players in suits attending court proceedings. We will forget about the judges, the decertification of the union. The real losers in all of this are the undrafted players who would normally be in mini-camps trying to impress coaches and possibly make a team. We may lose a few guys that would have otherwise made teams. We don’t know what the new rules will be, but do we really care? We want football. Ravens, Steelers. Cowboys, Redskins. Jets, Patriots. Yes much like an abused spouse or a kicked dog. We have been used and neglected as fans but as soon as the millionaires and billionaires tell us we are allowed to start giving them our money again we will be all to happy to do it. It’s sad to say, but I love football and I can’t wait for it all to be over, so in a couple of years we can do it all over again. You will hear as the negotiation continues about which side has more ” leverage “. But in late October on an awesome fall day we will all be watching the game we love and everybody knows it, that’s the true ” leverage ” in all of this our undying love for the sport of professional football, oh yes how sweet it is.

3 thoughts on “It’s gonna be sweet”

  1. Hey @zombie, I really like this blog..You and ur friends do a great job with this…

    Nice post, I really hope the lockout ends around July, but it might not happennn 😦

    Love your writing style by the way, esp. at the end of that post

    I see you have a madden 12 tab…explain to me what that is?

    1. the madden 12 tab is for our madden league, we run leagues in madden, nba 2k, fight night, or any other sports games on the xbox 360, feel free to check it out on the pages or in our forums, zombie is a good blogger and very opinionated 🙂 always like hearing what he writes

      1. thanks jes, I’d love to maybe get into that for madden 12….

        Hopefully that will be good, it looks decent now (in the gameplay vid released @ e3)

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