And The Nominees Are…….

Welcome to the 1st Annual TSG Awards: Madden Edition Nomination Ceremony, now that’s a mouthful, especially with these tusks.  Tomorrow night we will crown the winners of the first ever awards for our Madden Franchise, this year there are only 4 awards, hopefully we will expand this as seasons, leagues & years go on. Feel free below to comment on who you think should have been nominated, if you were snubbed or have suggestions for future categories. Since we ended so abruptly due to time constraints, the main prize the “PEYTON MANNING: FRANCHISE MVP AWARD” isn’t as lucrative as it will be in the future. Other than winning Super Bowl’s this will be the award to strive for in the future & will carry more weight going into future leagues & franchises along with a bigger prize attached to it. Currently each award winner will receive 1600 Microsoft Points. Below are the nominees for each award and a few things about that nominee and how they qualify for the award, once again feel free to comment below. Without further ado:



This award is given to the player that has shown the most improvement from the beginning to the end of the franchise, whether it’s getting more competitive, improved game play style, better attitude, overall improvement in all league aspects. And the nominees are:

Rio the king638

Rio the king638 (shown left) From his rocky beginnings to his meteoric rise to playoff contender, Rio the king638 is the epitome of what this award is about. From being someone who was called a pushover, easy win, cheeser, cheater, quitter & all around detriment to a franchise has turned around to being one of the most dedicated & loyal members we have.  He has made the playoffs for 2 straight seasons, albeit in a rather weak NFC North, & has become one of the members we can rely on anytime we needed someone to substitute.

KornNickel (shown right) His game-play was never an issue, he just couldn’t win. Other than his tardiness on games and tough time scheduling & playing some league games, Korn has always been a model player & bled TSG. With hard work and dedication, the self-proclaimed “King Korn” has risen from an easy win & no contest to someone who can beat you (if you can find him LOL) with his powerful run game with 2 playoff appearances under his belt.



This award is given to the player that has helped the franchise in many ways & you probably don’t even know it. From helping us as substitutes, volunteering to help in certain situations & giving up their time to help the league keep running. And the nominees are:

Capt Save A OHH

cowboys2k9 (shown left) has been a lifer for us over here at TSG back to when Jersey was part of MSPL & I was running MonkeyBowl 2k10. Anytime he was asked to sub or help, he would do it without hesitation. If ever there was an issue or problem he would handle it promptly without any fuss or problem, he is always willing to do what is best for the league. The only issue with cowboys was his occasional problem getting a game in, but usually was due to his college classes and is understandable.

Capt Save A OHH (shown right) has been around for ever, being in our leagues at various times & being in our TSG league from the beginning. Other than resigning his Free Agents (lol) I have never heard one negative thing about Capt, he always plays his games, messages his opponents & helps us with substitutions at the drop of a hat. Due to him rarely being in parties with many of the TSG members & his dedication to the league, he is the definition of an UNSUNG HERO.



This award is given to the player that most represents what TSG is all about. Playing sim, playing hard, playing fair, being respectful, always playing your games, never has to be messaged or penalized. This member is what every TSG member should try to be like. This person also is willing to help out whenever possible & very active in parties & trades. And the nominees are:

Capt Save A OHH
Cincy life

Capt Save A OHH (shown left) has been around for ever, being in our leagues at various times & being in our TSG league from the beginning. Other than resigning his Free Agents (lol) I have never heard one negative thing about Capt, he always plays his games, messages his opponents & helps us with substitutions at the drop of a hat. Although active in trades & the league, he rarely is in parties with many of the TSG members, this could be the only factor separating him from this honor.

Cincy life (shown right) is a TSG original, starting with us back in the Monkey Bowl & MSPL days, Cincy has been one of the most dedicated members any league could ever have. He is active in trade discussions, helps when needed, brings many people together in many ways. You never have to question if his game will be played. Cincy is the very definition of what TSG is all about & look forward too many more years of him with us.  He has helped dissolve personal issues, subbed & represented TSG greatly in many other franchises & leagues.



This award is given to the player that just couldn’t be beat. Whether it was winning Super Bowls, making the playoffs, dominating their division or even trying to go undefeated. This person no matter whether you love them or hate them, dominated the headlines & was tough to beat no matter who was on the field on either side.  And the nominees are:

Chuunin Ninja
MR 463

Chuunin Ninja (shown left) appeared in Super Bowl 1 & 2 against his opponent & fellow nominee MR 463. Losing the first match-up but coming back to win the second Super Bowl. Ninja has always been a dominate TSG member winning 3 consecutive Super Bowls on Madden 10 as part of the MSPL franchise. He was always in the playoff hunt in a very tough AFC & won many division titles in the tightly contested AFC South.

MR 463 (shown top right) appeared in the first 2 Super Bowl’s against his opponent & fellow nominee Chuunin Ninja. Beating Ninja in the first contest, 463 seemed primed for back to back Super Bowls but just fell short. Even then there seemed

Julius Jackson

to be a bright future for that team but that future quickly diminished with the emergence of Deathpool & Tonic, they made it so a dynasty was never born. He may not of dominated past season 2, but those first 2 seasons the NFC was his.

Julius Jackson (shown bottom right) the winner of the last 3 Super Bowls & the only repeat champion of a TSG member since Ninja did it in MSPL. He didn’t win his championships without controversy or even without A LOT of trash talk. Love him or hate him (I think the majority hate him lol), you have to give the devil his due, with only 4 losses since entering TSG at the end of Season 3, he was a hurricane that tore through TSG, but was his reign long enough to earn him these honors?

28 thoughts on “And The Nominees Are…….”

  1. gotta say capt for both hero and sportsman.

    as for the pats..look at the dominance:

    1) career record 60-4, including 9-0 in playoffs
    S3 – 7-0 (took over 2-7 team)
    S4 – 14-2, div title, SB winner
    S5 – 14-2, div title, SB winner
    S6 – 16-0, div title, SB winner

    2) had a top 2 O and D 3 seasons in a row, last season was 1st in both cats by a long run.
    3) completely overhauled D after taking over the team…trading/drafting for half the starters on D.
    4) even with Moss retiring the O didnt lose a step as McCay and Barden were brought in.

  2. My Votes!
    Rio – All I saw was improvement (still lost to me with a HailMary LOL but great improvement)
    Cowboy – Epic Battles (Hard to get ahold of, but LEGGGGOOOO!!!) Got to give it to him.
    Cincy – LOL just a cool dude, fun to play, COCKY but can back it up. I just like this cat and could play him daily for fun. (See you in the Super Bowl Son)

    And Its A Toss Up with Ninja and JJ BUT I NEVER beat Ninja in 11 and I have knocked off JJ once SO….. *Bows Ninja fittingly gets the Manning award from me*

    Other than that…… Im taking my talents to that NO.


    1. We shall see! I will have a QB that doesnt throw like HOT GARBAGE!! Im proclaiming myself the new NFC big dog. Mark my words.

      1. “We shall see” indeed, i got the Packers in the NFC now & i dont have to worry about Sanchez’s stupid voice adjusting a play 45 times lol. The NFC is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My nominees are for each category.

    DBA- Kornickel over rio for being in the division he was in. He gave alot of upset losses in a division I think was the toughest in the NFC.
    UHA-Capt gets this one because I do always see him helping out ways around the league and even subbed in as my opponent for a couple of my games.
    TBA- Cincy gets this award because although he would do some trash talking, he did always help people and constantly gave people advice or opinions that may have or not helped them in a way. A constant in XBL parties and good competitor
    PMA- Julius gets it simply for landed on a great team and making them slightly better (or just faster and taller lol) and dominating TSG since his arrival. Controversial in many ways and not the sportsman but wins are wins and thats what this award is about.

      1. I wish you 2 were in the same division for the 1 year you will be around Jackson, lol. It would make things interesting, i feel real discontent between the 2 of you lol. I gotta give Resisting his props tho, whether he likes you or not he did say you dominated & deserved that final award. I love the fire between y’all but wish it wasn’t personal. “Can’t we all just get along?” LOL. Can’t wait for Madden 12, it should be interesting.

  4. Rio gets that award for sure. he has done nothing but increase his win % since being in the league. Capt for unsung hero, never complains, fills in for subs, and just all around good guy since day 1. sportsman of the year is pretty tough, this one has to be split down the middle. cincy might trash a little and get ahead of himself but even after losing remains a good buddy as he like to call it lol. same goes for capt….also getting ahead of himself for leaving them “get your popcorn ready” messages to the league lol. but also even after taking a thrashing remains level headed. And now for the Franchise player of the year, lets be honest here, as much as I KNOW I SHOULD GET THE AWARD (yes me NINJA…the NINJA of alllll NINJAS) cant vote for myself so if i had to choose it would be Foolius….i mean Julius. it pains me to say it but he did win the last 3 SB. Take nothing away from 463, tough opponent remains a tough opponent, 1 too many poor trades have taken him out of contention. 3 different play styles like when playing NINJA you find yourself saying “why is that reciever so open?” playing Julius its like “why is that working?” lol. playing 463 its like “man, hes good at safety, literally cutting the field in half” none the less, all nominees are good players.

      1. Even with M11 over for TSG you never stop talking shit, LOL. I like the friendly trash talk in these comments. M12 should be very interesting indeed.

      2. i like the playing style assessment thing so ill do my own:

        463 – man, why does this guy call cover 3 ALL GAME!!?? his D is swiss cheese. and my gaw he loves him some snugs.
        chuunin – man, this guy likes him some blind throws to outs/comebacks but he cant read cover 4 or cover 2 sink…
        champ – man, im afraid to throw the ball…when does the gm end?

  5. Most Improved Player Award
    KornNickel- He plays in a tougher division where most of the players end the season with a winning Record. Where in Rio the king’s division its tough for any player to get above 500.

    Unsung Hero Award
    Tough, but going to have to give it my boy Cowboys2K9, he seems to be on when ever he is needed, and is a very quiet player, but very helpful to the league at the same time. Very Tough Decision.

    Sportsman Of The Year
    Since the last Award couldn’t go to Capt Save a OHH,I think he deserve the sports man of the year, know matter what Capt was going to come out of this thing with an award, and it suits him well to be the Sportsman of The Year, not taking anything away from Cincy Life he is a very good sport, and i have a lot of respect for him as a player and person, but my vote goes to Capt,

    Franchise MVP
    The biggest award to be giving out in the franchise goes to…Chunnin Ninja. An all around good player who has had a consistent winning streak since the franchise had began back in September. I have never heard of anyone complaining about his playing and apparently is one of the reasons why we switched to All-Madden. Even when people thought that we switched to All-Madden he would be easier to beat, didn’t happen, he still stayed on his winning streaks and made the playoffs. Mr 463 was a tough opponent to play and people thought he wouldn’t be able to beat him( no homo) i end up beating him our last couple of meetings (again no homo) and seems like the spark that he had at the begin of the year slowly diminished by the end of the franchise, very tough and good player, and i have alot of respect for him, but do not think he is the right choice for this award. With Julius Jackson being the toughest player in the league and very very tough to win against, he is very close to winning and very deserving of this award. I personally never had the chance to play a game against him. He has the most Superbowl wins in the franchise, but i have heard a couple of complaints of the way he plays and how he goes about winning. I think the player who deserves this award should have a great amount of respect around league and Chunnin Ninja I believe has the most respect from his fellow players in the league.

    1. I like alot of what you said, the only thing that is completely false is the ALL MADDEN THING, THE LEAGUE WAS ON ALL MADDEN in SEASON 1, SEASON 2 we put it on ALL PRO to give ppl a chance to see a difference, we were supposed to vote at end of season 2 but i had some issues occur and we werent able to vote till end of season 3. THE ONLY REASON WE EVER CHANGED TO ALL PRO was because of certain ppl complaining it was too hard to play on, so we decided to give ppl a chance to see both ways and decide. In my opinion we never should of changed from ALL MADDEN in the first place.

      Other than that lol i like your perspective on everything else. The one thing some ppl are missing tho is the SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR is for the respected, nice guy lol. The Franchise MVP is all about winning, so in my eyes only 2 ppl that were nominated were consistent winners, NINJA & JULIUS (although i like ninja’s name for him, Foolius LOL)

  6. dont see how chuunin can win since he 1) went 0-3 vs me and 2) never made it far enough in the playoffs to even face me.

    btw, chuunins playstyle would only work with peyton manning…give him any other QB and he struggles to make playoffs.

  7. and as for the complaints about user catching and calling man…well thats what people who know they cant win will do — complain. its funny how blitzburgh calls man blitz the entire gm but no on says a thing…or that cincy throws it up to lincoln all gm but no one says a thing…or that the only pass twon throws in the red zone is a rocket fade but no one…u get the idea. but i win so people gotta find some reason why they lost to me, right? i mean it cant be that im just hands down better than everyone…no, cant be that lol

    i get that man is harder to beat than zone, especially if someone can switch but thems the marbles, folks, and no one ever adjusted. there are many ways to beat man but people simply never learned them. anybody can sit there and pick apart cover 3 lol…calling zone, especially cover 3, predictably in M11 is basically saying, “ya know, im just going to pray that the cpu makes a play or that my opponent is dumb and throws the ball right to me.”

    and as for the user catching..if u keep 2 safeties back and can switch its taken care of…but VERY RARELY did anyone do that. chuunin did occasionally…cincy some…capt some…thats about it…everyone else blitzed or played some silly zone or tried to user FS when they should be usering DE. but if i have 6’6 mccay or 6’4 moss up against some 510 CB with safety over top that balls flying lol…and lest we forget that the pats had the 2nd best rushing attack behind the titans during my tenure…:P

    1. I find it funny wen people complain about user catching, its maddens fault that they only give you 2 kinds of user catch you can pull out that actually work without letting the USER CONTROL DEFENDER killing your animation just to get their animation off.

      Madden goes in flows, last year zone was crazy powerful and everyone was running zone now this year man is crazy good and people run that next year those people who run zone will be called into cheese too (lol) because of the boost in zone. Its a game its called adjusting, just because you adjust to the game doesn’t mean your cheesing or exploiting.

      The Rocket Fade, throwing to your RB/TE every down, every 3rd down even 3rd and long a play-action roll-out to your TE on a delay because your QB has a high PA rating (PA don’t occur on 3rd & long), numerous draws in non-passing situations & formations, and many many more things are some things I’ve heard people complaining about in parties. The point is there is something about everyone’s game that can be called cheesy or gimmicky, if you don’t believe me, send me a message and i will let you know what people said about you, most of y’all have been told.

      At the end of the day the point is, unless someone is breaking the rules and you have proof or you really think someone is manipulating the system and bring it to us on why it is, how it is, and a solution to fix it, then stop the bickering, stop the whining, stop the constant complaint.

      Everyone needs to refer to the rules where it says hey if you have a problem with something someone does then bring it to the commissioners in private, with evidence or a reason why its wrong. Every single time someone did that, we penalized them, but to penalize people or boot people because people like to drink wine and eat cheese in a party…. NEWS FLASH IF I DID THAT WE WOULD HAVE ZERO MEMBERS, BECAUSE EVERYONE COMPLAINS ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  8. ^with NO* safety help over top lol

    the thing is, theres nothing wrong with how blitz plays or how cincy plays or how twon plays…however that rocket fade is a tad cheesy lol…everyone in TSG basically plays sim style…is it going to look exactly like the NFL on sunday? no, cuz madden isnt perfect…so how can it be unsim to play raiders style D and chargers style O?

    1. I tend to agree with you highly on your last point, i have no problem with generally how anyone in the league plays, now is there parts i want ppl to clean up or can even clean up of my own, yes. Will we every be perfect, no. We have a great league and am proud of the members we have in it, other then the constant complaints, although i do understand that this is a very competitive game based on a very competitive sport and trust me nobody likes losing. Just wish we had more gracious losers (including myself), LOL, that sounds bad but I hope you know what I mean.

  9. Most Improved = Rio the King
    Unsung Hero = Capt Save dat Ho ooops i mean oh (lol)
    Sportsman = IDK both were sim ballers no complaints about either.Will vote 4 cincy only bcuz I just voted 4 CAPT for unsung hero.

    Hmmmm : The MVP of the franchise

    Could I dear vote for the over the shoulder king ???? The guy who traded Tom Brady for Chad Henne? The guy who couldn’t effectively use Wes Welker because he wasn’t 6’6 with 96 speed? The guy I’ve never beaten because of his very questionable tactics? My division foe? Juluis Jackson

    or Chuunin the guy who demands a 95 + overall QB to be an effective passer? The guy whose run game that I could stop with a prevent defense out of dollar (lol) ?

    Both have the same exact credentials both the same number of superbowls although JJ did it in a shorter time span.

    With all that being said if I want a game that is going to be a war, based on skill, play calling, and an understanding of the game I would have to give my vote to Chuunin Ninja ( the biz-nitch) of the century.

  10. Well, idk if it’s most improved team, but when I took over the Rams were 0-7. I went 5-11 that year. The next year I went 8-8 and the next year I went 10-6. Sorry abbout posting a bit late, but I didn’t get a chance to get on the XBox for the past day and a half. But, it’s 8:45, so better late than never I guess. This is BroncoManiac19

  11. Oh, we got to vote. My B.

    Most Improved: KornNickle. Rio wasn’t too strong, but was in a weak didvision. Sorry bro.
    UnSung Hero: Capt., He’s always there to play games and is very proactive.
    Sportsman of the Year: Cincy Life, Very sportsmanlike and a very good competitor.
    Franchise MVP: Jackson, 3 Super Bowls? Is this award even being voted on?

  12. wow! First i would like to say thanks for the nomination and congrats to those who were nominated. good luck ochocinco

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