HBO Drama Series Influenced By Tyson’s Early Years, To Be Directed By Spike Lee

Earlier today we found out that one Entourage star was interested in bringing the life of former MMA star Kimbo Slice to the big screen. This week we find out Entourage creator Doug Ellin is behind a pilot drama series set to air on HBO that will be influenced by Mike Tyson’s early boxing career. Spike Lee will direct the series titled Da Brick. Tyson and his wife, Lakiha, will be among the executive producers.

Tyson made an appearance on Entourage last season. While on the set he mentioned to Ellin:

“‘Why don’t you do with my life what you did with Mark (Wahlberg’s) life” with “Entourage.”

The series will not be biographic in nature, but will chronicle the life of a young boxer coming up in modern Newark, New Jersey. John Ridley, who helped bring Spike Lee into the project, and Ellin have spent time recently with Tyson in hopes of gathering material to translate into show ideas.

Ellin spoke highly of Ridley’s work on the script and gave a hint of what to expect from the series:

“John wrote an amazingly intricate script. There’s lots of places it can go. It won’t just focus on boxing.”

The former heavyweight champion, who was inducted into boxing’s Hall of Fame a few weeks ago, could be an endless source of ideas and content. Add Spike Lee and Doug Ellin to the mix and the show might be worth a tune in. With Kevin Connolly working on an Kimbo Slice movie, Ellin working on this, all we need is another cast member to get to work on a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. or Manny Pacquiao project.

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