Kimbo Slice: From YouTube To The Movie Screen, Biopic In The Works

The man who shot to stardom via internet fighting movies, known as Kimbo Slice, could have his life story portrayed in a movie if one star of TV’s Entourage has his way. In a recent interview with The Wrap Kevin Connolly revealed that he would be interested in directing the film:

“I’m trying to get the Kimbo Slice story made. I have his life rights, we have a script that’s great. It’s out and about, and the powers that be are trying to put the money together.”

I’m not sure having Kimbo’s “life rights” is something that I would brag about, but hey, to each his own. Connolly is hoping the Rolling Stone dubbed “King of the Web Brawlers” will play himself in the feature film.

Kevin gave the following as a few reasons why he’s taken an interest in the project:

“Kimbo Slice is known as one of the first YouTube celebrities. He was the first person I ever sat in front of a computer and typed somebody’s name into YouTube. Slice’s life story isn’t just about mixed martial arts or ultimate fighting, but about his unlikely road to success, including at one point living out of his car.”

The former bouncer, limo driver, bodyguard, and backyard fighter made his MMA debut in June 2007, an exhibition fight against former heavyweight champion Ray Mercer. He defeated Mercer in 1 minute and 12 seconds and the legend of Kimbo continued.

In his first three professional fights he defeated the first via submission after only 19 seconds, KO’d the second in 43 seconds, and TKO’d the third 38 seconds into the third round. Then, the wins stopped and so did the popularity. Kimbo would lose two of his next three matches, one via TKO only 14 seconds into the first round.

Since MMA Slice has hinted at a boxing and even wrestling career. Earlier this year he was scheduled to take part in a Sumo wrestling event in Japan, but ended up having to withdraw after sustaining an injury training for it.

The unique story that has been Kimbo Slice seems to have come full circle. He’s gone from relative nobody, to internet sensation, to MMA star, and now back to just Kevin Ferguson. That appears to be enough for Kevin Connolly, who looks determined to bring the journey of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson to a movie theater near you.

In the event the big screen movie doesn’t happen, there’s always those internet movies.

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