TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement

Today we are announcing our upcoming TSG Madden 12 OF Owner lineup. Missing from this lineup you will see regulars such as So Bold oS, Mistborn, Deathpool & many more. While these guys didn’t make the cut for the main league at the start of the season, these guys will have an opportunity to fight their way into the league by playing hard and dominating our D-league. The D-league is where we will be pulling players to play in the main prize league, whenever a main league member leaves for whatever reason (for example: Julius Jackson is leaving after S1 or S2, the best player from the D-League would move up to take his spot). While there are ways to move up to the main prize franchise, you can also lose your spot in the franchise in numerous ways, causing your demotion to the D-league and someones promotion. More on that in upcoming blogs and podcasts, that was just a taste to get you thinking of where we are headed.

There has been many swaps in the lineup from Madden 11 to Madden 12, with Capt/Monkey/Xrated/Hood/Blix moving to the NFC & DD/Freak/Bronco/Korn going to the AFC. Within that there are also numerous changes just within the conferences alone.  The new lineup is looking a little more balanced than the Madden 11 lineup ended up being, but only time can tell who knows what Madden 12 has in store for us (other than hopefully a much better game). PLEASE COMMENT BELOW on what you feel are gonna be the toughest divisions, some weak divisions, if you think one conference is stronger than the other, or if there is balance? One thing we do know about Madden 12 & that’s who our Season 1 owners are:

9 thoughts on “TSG Madden 12 OF: Owners Announcement”

  1. i count 8 power owners in each conference. buf afc has 3 elites, nfc only 2.

    divs from hardest to easiest:
    1.nfc south
    2.afc east
    3.afc west
    4.afc south
    5.nfc west
    6.afc north
    7.nfc east
    8.nfc north

    btw, S1 will be a bay area SB, 49ers vs Raiders..SB MVP will be McFadden. Raiders win 38-17.

    1. OUCH! My division is the worst. Well I guess it will be easy to win, unless I’m one of the weak links. We will prove you wrong, I WILL DOMINATE THE NFC. SB1: PACKERS vs RAIDERS, Packers win 24-7, A-Rod SB MVP

    2. Not if I got anything to do with it. Broncos are my team, I don’t have the Rams slowing me down anymore. And, I specialize in stuffing that speedy Raiders team. idk about bigboss, but Twon and I WILL give you a run for your money, my friend.

      1. nobody stoppin’ Run-DMC and Marcel Reece. Campbell has Ford, Murphy, Miller, Schilens, and Bey!! That shit aint fair. Dline is gonna be vicious, LBs are good (but need to upgrade MLB1 and LOLB) and the secondary, even without nnamdi, will be nice with branch, routt, johnson, mitchell (tho id LOVE to have nnamdi too…make it happen al!). plus got van dyke (6’1 w/spd) and chekwa (6’0 w/spd) in the draft so were 4 cbs deep to start the OF!

  2. Checks Calendar.

    Circles ATL games! Hmm Julio/Roddy/TonyG/BurnerTurner/MattyIce Dont Matter!
    Circles 49er games! Statement games
    Circles Eagles games – Im worried about THIS Vick

    No more wild card for me!!! We hosting the show down in go ol N.O.

    WHO DAT!!!
    Pierre Thomas on the block. Heisman Backfield only!

  3. Yo Miami is taking this going atleast11-5 if not better, if defense is better than last years madden u know el lobo is gonna hurt people !!! who is gonna stop this !!!

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