4 thoughts on “NCAA Football 12 GAMEPLAY – Boise St. Spread vs. TCU 4-2-5 Defense”

  1. 1) dont see momentum. ball carriers just stop once they come in contact from the side, which should never happen.

    2) zone looks better

    3) still got that stupid fade catch animation lol

    basically it looks like madden 11 but with better zone. i see no other differences.

  2. 1) every year madden, and ncaa looks like the previous year,evan though its a new game because its the same engine every year.your not going to get this big differnce till a new engine comes out.madden,and NCAA 11 look like 10 and so on and so on.

    2) you are always going to get the same animations every year in till they make a new engine

    3) its just a video of the game to give you just a taste,and from what we know from last year with the auto tunning feature thats in NCAA football if the “ball carriers just stop once they come in contact from the side, which should never happen”.the guys from NCAA will fix it.

    4)stop hattin on NCAA because you are a Madden guy lol.you know NCAA is better lol

  3. after playing the demo gotta say it actually feels like a step backwards from m11. zone is improved but now overpowered. blocking/rushes seem to be even more randomly decided than m11. animations still favor D by a good margin (which is fine i guess). players still can easily glide like theyre on ice while running, showing no momentum. and the target circle on passes is still retarded as it always is for ncaa lol…why dont they change the color/camera angle???

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