EA Releases NHL 12 Fact Sheet

Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL 12 Cover Athlete

Today EA Sports released the fact sheet for NHL 12, giving in detail changes & new features in the newest upcoming installment of their highly touted NHL series, NHL 12. Below is the fact sheet in its entirety, feel free to comment on the release below.

Product Description
NHL 12 authentically captures hockey with over 300 gameplay refinements, highlighted by three key innovations in Anticipation AI, the Full Contact Physics Engine and Dynamic Goalies.

Anticipation AI takes gameplay to the next level as computer-controlled players will now intuitively decide their next move by reading the play and anticipating rather than simply reacting.

If it happens on the ice, the Full Contact Physics Engine will authentically replicate it in-game. With the new Balance Control System, size and strength matter as contact will now result in varied outcomes that are true to life.

In NHL 12, the action in the crease has changed forever with all new Dynamic Goalies. For the first time ever, goalies are live and fully interactive.

Play your way to superstardom and become the next great legend with NHL 12 as you shatter records, cement yourself into NHL history in a revamped Be a Pro mode where you now have to earn every shift.

With stunning new presentation features including a Winter Classic Mode and the EA SPORTS Action Tracker, NHL 12 delivers the authentic look and feel of NHL hockey.

Key Features

  • Anticipation AI – Sharper logic and more intuitive AI means players will go to where the puck is going to be – not where the puck is. The AI will react and instinctively read the play rather than playing in the set states of offensive and defensive logic.
  • Full Contact Physics Engine — With the new Balance Control System, size and strength matter, watch as contact is true to life. Contact will result in variable outcomes such as stumbles, both players falling, and the hitter falling, all determined by the attributes of each player. Everything on the ice is live, from the players to the environment, everything is interactive and in play. Knock players over the boards and watch as the bench reacts to the hit. Break the glass with hits and shots. Hit a player and send his helmet flying.
  • Net Battles – Engage with other players and battle for space in front of the net. Bigger players will use size and strength to control the crease area; smaller, speedy players will use agility and positioning to spin off defenders and get to the net.
  • Dynamic Goalies – Players can make contact with goalies, knocking them down or out of position and can even dislodge the net. Goalies will fight through net battles to make desperation saves and can even leave the net to drop the gloves and trade punches with their rivals.
  • Be a Pro Revamped – Earn every shift with stellar play, big hits, and spectacular goals. The better you play, the more ice time you’ll get. New this year is the option to begin your Be a Pro career with a full CHL season. With the EA SPORTS Action Tracker you’ll be able to sim to your next shift without missing an event.
  • EA SPORTS Action Tracker — The Action Tracker keeps track of every on-ice event. From what area of the net you shooting at most, to where on the ice is your face-off percentage highest – no detail is overlooked. It also automatically saves shots, saves and other events through instant replay, allowing you to go back and watch the event anytime during the game.
  • Signature Traits – With signature player and goalie traits, NHL 12 provides the most realistic video game hockey experience ever. Signature traits will influence AI players’ decisions: watch as Stamkos takes a one-knee slapper or Ovechkin rips a shot while streaking down the wing.
  • Experience the 2011 NHL Winter Classic – for the first time ever lace up outdoors under the lights in one of the biggest hockey events of the season, the 2011 NHL Winter Classic at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Outside or indoors the game jumps to life.

Product Specifications
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer: EA Canada
Ship Date: September 13 (NA); September 9 (EU)
Rating: ESRB 10+; PEGI 16

* Internet connection and Online Pass required for online play. © 2011 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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