NHL 12 Videos & One “Legendary” Rumor

Today we will be showing you the latest 3 trailers that have come out about EA’s latest addition to its award-winning franchise, NHL 12. In these videos you will see about the all new “Dynamic Goalies” meaning the goalie is part of the game, in the sense that you can actually interact with them unlike in previous years where there was almost a force field around them preventing any kind of contact. The second video touts NHL 12’s new Full Contact Physics Engine, allowing not for full player control but most importantly balance control, with the 3rd video focusing on loose pucks on slapshots. Be sure to check them out below and leave a comment.  There has also been a rumor floating around the internet that there may be a legendary team in NHL 12, not just any team, a team comprised of the greatest NHL players of all time. The rumor started from this deleted post over on the EA forums revealing some of the possible names on this supposed legendary team:

Legendary team includes:
Yzerman, Gretzky, Sedins, Malkin, St. Louis, Chara, Lemuiex, Chelios, Keith, Seabrook, Howe, Roy, Luongo, Bourque, Crosby, Richards (Don’t know if it Brad or Mike)… can’t remember the rest. But there’s only one Legendary team.

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