Friends And Rivals in Forza 4 Community

You measure your life one hot-lap at a time. You spend your waking hours daydreaming about custom liveries, and your evenings bringing them to life with Forza’s powerful livery editor. You search for an ideal tune that will give you that last tenth of a second. Crossing the finish line first isn’t your only goal.

Racing and Rivals

Forza Motorsports 4’s 16-player multiplayer brings new intensity to your on-track battles. No friends to race with on the track? No problem. New Rivals Mode means you’ll never run out of things to do with your friends—even if they aren’t online. Respond to challenges from your friends next time you fire up the game.

Badges and Titles

Show off your skills and brag to your friends with brand new features designed to showcase your love of Forza. Custom player cards show off your clan affiliation and player level. Unlock new badges and titles by completing various in-game objectives, and build affinity with your favorite cars for prizes and bonuses.

Car Clubs

The new Car Clubs feature lets friends band together in order to dominate the competition. Shared club garages let club members swap cars from a single pool of incredible vehicles. Shared race winnings reward social play with other Club members. Painter, tuner, racer, and photographer—each play a role in victory.

Your Forza, Personalized

Log in daily for customized updates and prizes. A personalized front page will deliver news tailored to your play style and interests. The new message center will include community news, Forza Storefront updates, and new challenges from your friends.

DLC Delivered

Browse the constantly growing library of Forza Motorsport 4 DLC add-ons via the brand new in-game marketplace. Buy your favorite cars by the pack or individually. New DLC vehicles are automatically integrated into Forza 4 for you to enjoy right away.

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