Battlefield 3 Beta Will Produce “Hundreds Of Changes”

VG24/7 sat down with Battlefield 3 devs to discuss the BF3 beta, which is due for release sometime this month. Speaking about the beta itself, the release date was stated as “soon” and “before the game ships.” These answers are frustrating the anxious community, but DICE is set on making Battlefield 3 “perfect” when it comes to launch day. There will be hundreds of changes from the alpha to the beta. Some changes include map layouts while others are a bit more hidden, for example: gun balancing.  EA Dice’s Patrick Bach had this to say:

Again, to the beta question, we are releasing the beta before the game and we are actually changing stuff based on that before we ship the game, even though you could argue that that’s very late close to the ship of the game, we will still have time to do, for instance, day one patches and changes to the Battlelog that will actually be game-changing.

Getting these changes in will require changes being made up till launch day. And because of this, DICE states that there is a high chance that there will be patches on release day. There have been no confirmations in terms of maps for the beta or if we will get more than one map, but don’t expect to see Operation Metro until release day. For those who don’t remember the Operation Metro Trailer check it out below.

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