Battlefiled 3: 100 Hours Of Gameplay Per Kit

DICE understands that to make a game with replay value, you need to have achievements that take a long time to reach. And they’ve done that with Battlefield 3’s kits. Playing through each of the four kits (Assault, Engineer, Recon, Support) will take 100 hours each, for a total of 400 hours. 400 hours is a daunting figure, but we must remind you that EA announced a few months ago that Battlefield 3 has so many unlocks and upgrades that it could take years for players to gain them all. The original question was asked by twitter user @450bq: “how long would it take on average to complete a kit?” No awards or achievements have been announced for players who reach this level, but it is known that when a kit is completed, the opposite faction’s weapons can be used. To complete a kit in Battlefield 3, a player must unlock every weapon and gadget in a kit.


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