Unlock the Gatorade Celebration in Madden NFL 12 and Prepare to be Disappointed

There currently resides a video on the Madden NFL 12 menu entitled “Unlock the Ultimate Celebration”. As with all the streaming videos it pauses every couple seconds making for a frustrating watch – and curiously doesn’t even provide the information needed to pull off the special in-game Gatorade celebration. Instead EA Sports tweeted out the specifics yesterday and I went through the process to try it out and record it.

In the final 30 seconds of a victory press the following in at the same time:
(Xbox 360) LT/RT/LS/RS – (PS3) L2/R2/L3/R3.

Note that the celebration will occur after the game is over rather than immediately following input of the code. Continue on to check out a video of the celebration. Needless to say it’s poorly put together and probably not even worth the effort of the button presses.

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