Battlefield 3 Co-Op: Exclusive Unlockable Guns For Multi-Player Use (Quickest Way To Get Them)

If you want to have access to a complete armoury of weapons to take online in Battlefield 3, you’re going to have to dive into the game’s co-op mode first. Battlefield 3’s co-op producer Patrick Liu has said that the game’s co-op mode contains exclusive weapons that can be used in the game’s multiplayer once you’ve unlocked them in co-op.

The video above is the easiest way to quickly unlock All Exclusive Weapons in Co-Op on Battlefield 3 for use in multi-player, choose 4th mission Hit & Run, set the difficulty to easy (Doesn’t Affect Your Score), kill as many enemies as possible while running through the mission as quick as possible (Around 7 Mins or Less) finish the round, earn 10,000+ Points, Wash-Rinse-Repeat until all desired guns unlocked. Check below for all seven (7) Battlefield 3 CO-OP unlockable weapons listed by required CO-OP score:

63 000: MP412 Rex
(Revolver / All kits)Developed for export in Russia (REX stands for Revolver for Export), the MP443 is a compact .357 Magnum handgun with an interesting tilt open and auto extraction design. While not as powerful as the .44 Magnum, the .357 Magnum round from the MP412 offers excellent stopping power and the compact package offers a slightly higher rate of accurate fire.
126 000: KH2002
(Assault Rifle / Assault Class)This Iranian developed Assault Rifle is essentially a bullpup conversion of the M16. The KH2002 is intended to replace the G3 in service with the Iranian armed forces, though there is speculation that it may be years before the rifle is ready for full deployment. The KH2002’s short length lends itself well to close combat, but prevents it from mounting any underslung weapons.
189 000: MP7
(Machine Pistol / All kits)Another contender for the newly developing PDW market the MP7 is currently in service with the German Bundeswehr and the Norwegian Armed Forces. The MP7A1 includes an improved stock, additional safeties, and added rails for mounting lights, lasers, and sights. The weapon is also capable of being suppressed, giving it excellent close combat stealth performance.
252 000: M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle
(aka the M14 EBR from BC2 / Sniper Class)The M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle (EMR) is a highly modernized M14 designed to be utilized by USMC designated marksmen. Issued with match-grade 7.62mm NATO long range ammunition the M39 is significantly lighter and more accurate than the original M14. The M39 is limited to Semi-Automatic fire, but supports a number of accessories including a standard Rifle Scope (8x).
315 000: M93R
(Burst fire pistol / All kits)A modified version of the M9 pistol, the 93R is able to fire in 3 Round Bursts. The 93R is equipped with a forward folding fore grip and an extended barrel which is ported to reduce recoil. Trained shooters are able to fire busts in rapid succession, and the pistol is typically seen in service only with elite special purpose units.
378 000: SG553
(Carbine / Engineer Class)A Carbine variant of the Swiss Army’s standard SG550 rifle, the SG553 improves over its predecessor the well-known SG552 by including integrated rails for mounting accessories. A Carbine with excellent ergonomics, the SG553 is capable of Automatic, 3 Round Burst, and Semi-Automatic fire and is an excellent close range weapon.
441 000: G3A3
(Assault Rifle / Assault Class)The G3 rifle is one of the most widely fielded Assault Rifles in the world. Multiple versions of the G3 exist, and it has been used in countries around the world, including Sweden where it was known as the AK4. This particular G3 is the A3 variant, with a fixed stock. The long barrel and firing heavy 7.62x51mm NATO round enable the G3A3 to reach out at longer ranges than most other Assault Rifles, but at the cost of heavy recoil.

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