Clash of the Blue Bloods 9:23 PM ET Tonight!! ON CBS

 Clash of the Blue Bloods

Can Kansas slow down the Juggernaut?

Kansas and their magical run to the National Championship culminates tonight in New Orleans against John Calipari and his KY Wildcats. KU should be outmatched at nearly every position…Kentucky’s length, outside shooting, depth, and Final Four experience (Lamb, Jones, and Miller) should be too much for Kansas to handle.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned don’t represent all the intangibles needed to win the National Championship. What KU does have going for it…chemistry, Bill Self, luck, and destiny…could marginalize Kentucky’s physical advantages.

I think that the ride ends here and Kentucky will be too strong offensively and defensively for KU to stay with. However, even in a loss, KU could be awarded the title in a few months when the stench around Coach Cal’s Program leads to an NCAA Investigation.

Either way…KU has no pressure on them tonight…nobody thinks they belong…or can beat the vaunted Wildcats. House Money. Rock Chalk!

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