Madden NFL 13 Community Presentation Blog, By Game Changer Casey Mosier

Hey Madden NFL fans, this is Casey “BuckeyeNation” Mosier, Community Leader and Lead Content Producer for Dynasty league Gaming and DLGtv.  I am also a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changer program and an attendee at the Madden NFL community events at Tiburon studio this season.  As a representative for many of you in the Madden NFL community the team at EA SPORTS Tiburon studios has asked me to let you in on some of the new presentation features you will see in EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13.  In the past, I have always gotten the chills of excitement when putting the Madden NFL disc into my console for the first time each season, this year those goose-bumps are going to another level.  From the time you first boot up the game, whether it’s the hard disc or download via EA SPORTS Season Ticket, you will see all new presentation features from start to finish.

Over the course of the last several editions of the Madden NFL Series, the need for improved commentary and a more authentic in game presentation package has become apparent to us all.  The folks at EA Tiburon have brought in a more organic commentary system that can be expanded and built upon each year.  In Madden NFL 13 you will hear an all new audio system built from the ground up.  It all starts as you visually go in the booth for pre-game with Phil Simms and Jim Nantz as they get you ready for the upcoming battle, then call the games just like we hear each and every Sunday during the NFL season.  The team has also ramped up the realistic presentation in terms of the visual packaging in game.  Last year they added authentic camera angles for each stadium as well as team entrances.  This year the graphic and stat overlays are precisely what you see when watching a real live NFL broadcast adding another layer of authenticity.  New camera angles have been added to enhance the overall user experience as well.

Also this year, Madden NFL 13 has brought in HDR lighting effects and motion blur to help bring the overall ambiance of the on field action to unprecedented levels in terms of visual realism.  HDR lighting (high dynamic range) allows us to see smaller more intricate details that aren’t usually visible using other lighting effects.  Essentially, we will see the game in much greater detail both during the game and in viewing instant replays using these new lighting effects and techniques.  Motion blur adds a cinematic touch to the gameplay and a more authentic feel to the overall action.  The effect provides a greater feel of speed and acceleration to the game without actually changing the core experience.

In addition to the HDR lighting, the folks at Tiburon are determined to turn your eyes to the sky this season.  That’s right folks… dynamic lighting and realistic clouds bring another element of realism to your on-field experience.  The light conditions change organically based on the time zone the game is played and the time of day or night at which you are playing.  Are you playing on a cloudy and overcast afternoon?  Watch as the clouds slowly move across the sky, but don’t watch too close, you have a game to win!  These changes add a much needed breath of fresh air and a stronger sense of emersion to the on field action.  

Fortunately the new presentation elements don’t just pertain to the on the field action.  A new “home” hub menu system has been added that keeps you up to date with all of the latest news and happenings all across the Madden NFL Universe.  The menu system itself has been overhauled throughout the game and provides a more streamlined “social media” feel that is easier to navigate and much more user friendly.  The team has adopted a more futuristic approach to the menu system and animations which is both bold and appealing to the eyes as it brings all of the aspects relevant to sports gaming and places them all in one easy to understand and use hub.  These changes are immediately obvious to any longtime fan of the Madden NFL series. 

Be prepared to be transported into the Madden NFL Universe from the moment you turn on the game.  This season we have some exciting new additions to help keep the experience fresh and organic all the way through the cycle.  I hope you all are as excited as I am to get this year under way!  Go Browns!

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