NCAA 13 Community Blog – Road To Glory

Greetings, NCAA Football fans. My name is Chris Jacobs and I am a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program and you can find me at The Gaming Tailgate, an NCAA Football community site. Today I want to break down some of the improvements coming to NCAA Football 13’s Road to Glory mode.

To start with, let’s talk about some of the community requests that have been implemented this year. With users having four seasons to move from prized recruit to star player, some Road to Glory fans want to ramp up quickly and get playing time as soon as possible, while others want to move more deliberately up the depth chart after putting in the hard work in Practice and any Playing Time they may receive each week. In NCAA Football 13, Road to Glory has added in difficulty options (Freshman, Varsity, All-American, & Heisman) that will directly affect your progression in Coach Trust, XP, and Gameplay. This will give users the opportunity to play and progress the way they want within Road To Glory.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Road to Glory in the past was the lack of touches for your player. This year the play-calling has been tuned to provide more carries for running backs and more pass plays for quarterbacks. Now your player will have more opportunities to shine and in turn, make the mode more enjoyable.

Another top community request added to the mode is the ability to return kicks and punts. This ability will be available for running backs, wide receivers, and also defensive backs. With the improved punt return system in game – as well as Reaction Time (which I’ll discuss next) – the ability to return kicks will give your player an additional avenue to earn Legend Points and change the momentum of a game.

As first mentioned during the announcement of Heisman Challenge, “Reaction Time” is a new gameplay feature exclusive to Road to Glory and Heisman Challenge. On the field, holding Left Trigger (L2) will slow the action down, allowing you to see the everything in greater detail in determining what move to execute or what hole to hit. A personal unexpected benefit of Reaction Time is that it will aid you in your play under normal speed and conditions as well. Reaction Time is limited in time and can be increased with Good & Great Play Bonuses as well as with Progression & Progression items you can buy within the Road To Glory store (credit-based).

The Legend Point system has also been revamped in NCAA Football 13. Points are now earned by completing goals which are based on position. There are an extensive number of goals that you can achieve to earn Legend Points. With this change, there are now two different skill-based Legend Point leaderboards: one for Varsity and another for All-American/Heisman.

The Practice experience has also received some changes, including a Scouting Report that shows information about your upcoming foe and your assignments for that week. With so much time spent within Practice, a new practice facility has been added featuring two fields based on whether you are playing offense or defense.

For more info on all of the changes coming to Road to Glory, make sure to check out the blog from Designer Alex Howell and check out the archive of the RTG webcast.

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