NBA 2k13 Gameplay Enhancements via Game Designer Mike Wang

The weeks following E3 are generally slow to deliver news as companies settle in following their announcements and showings and prepare for upcoming marketing pushes as respective releases near. That has been the case at this point with pretty much every sports game slated for the fall – but NBA 2K13 is in such position of strength that smaller or even vague details can be mentioned casually that are ultimately worthy of discussion.

Two recent ones come from lead gameplay designer Mike Wang (@Beluba), who probably has as much or more credibility than any other sports game developer, commenting on the Isomotion dribbling controls and work being done with physics.

Mike Wang, @Beluba: Huge breakthrough in phys engine today. Seeing sick plays in tonight’s build. #NBA2K13 shaping up to be a classic. Hats off to my engineer!  June 8, 2012 11:06 pm via Twitter for iPad

Mike Wang, @Beluba: @TSBTNBA2K_TR I’ve spent a large part of the dev cycle working on dribbling. I think you’ll like how it works this year.  June 5, 2012 8:26 pm via Twitter for iPad

Mike Wang, @Beluba: @pastapadre I’ve never been a fan of isomotion. most of my year has been focused on reworking it. Think you all will dig the changes.  June 7, 2012 8:04 pm via Twitter for iPad

Though there is no expectation of a whole new physics system, player collisions have been a weakness for the series – something even readily apparent in the short gameplay video that was recently released – so it is no surprise that effort would be invested in that area. Isomotion has long been a point of dissension amongst fans who have been split on its accessibility and functionality. Comprehending and executing dribbling moves have been overwhelmingly difficult in particular for those who lack experience with the series.


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