Madden NFL 13 Demo Details

As long anticipated the demo for Madden NFL 13 is set to arrive on Tuesday, August 14.


 The demo will feature two different match-ups with each being an entire game consisting of four five minute quarters with adjustable difficulty levels.

A rematch of the excellent NFC Championship game with the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers is one option while the other features two of the more intriguing teams this season with the Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins.

In addition the Game Face feature is available and will transfer over to the retail version while those with Kinect for Xbox 360 will also get to try out the voice commands. It’s an impressively structured demo and one that demonstrates confidence in the product.


27 thoughts on “Madden NFL 13 Demo Details”

  1. Coach Korn, “I think we will have a great year this year. Bring in T.O will give us alot of options in the passing game with Rice, Edwards, Tate and Butler.” “Bruce Irvin has been fitting in nicely on the Defensive side.”

  2. Reporter, “Coach Korn… will the defense deal with losing 3 experienced LB’s like Tatupu, Curry and Hawthorne.”

    Coach Korn, “we will just move on….those guys a great players but we have a young defense that understands the game. We have been using guys in different situations to come up with custom schemes that should confuse some offenses this year. All I have to say is watch out!”

  3. Reporter, “Last year you guys went 7-9……Can you give us any predictions for this seasons record?

    Coach Korn, “Right now…..our focus is on the Cardinals and winning that game. Every week…we expect our guys to play hard, smart, and not think about the next week…..until it is the next week. So our focus right now is on the Cardinals and a 1-0 start.”

  4. Reporter, “What the story with Thurmond? Will he be ready for week 1?”

    Coach Korn, “As far as I know he will be ready…….the doctors have him day-to-day.”

  5. Reporter, “Who will be the starting Quarterback this year?”

    Coach Korn, “Right now Flynn and Russell are in a heated battle for the job,” “They both are performing at a high level but we still have 3 preseason games to play… anything can happen…..As of right now we have Flynn in the starter position”

  6. Reporter, “Who will be the starting LB core this year.”

    Coach Korn, “Right now we have another heated battle at MLB. As of right now Rudd has the starting role but the Rookie Wagner has been keeping the race for the starting position a close race. The same goes for K.J Wright and Bruce Irvin…….like I said…….we still have 3 more preseason games left before the season starts…..and we will release the depth chart on Aug 28th.”

  7. Reporter, “Coach can you tell us about WR Mike Williams being cut from the team?”

    Coach Korn, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?……..I have 73 hungry football players competing for 55 spots…..and you have the NERVE… ask about a whole bunch of guys who aren’t on this team anymore?”

    Reporter, “This was a twitter question coach…..the fans wanna….”

    Coach Korn, “YOOOOU find a computer…..go to GOOGLE…..and type in tweeter or twitter or whatever the Damn site is and twitt this……GO *bleep* yourself and don’t ask me stupid *bleeping* questions ever again. Take your head and shove it up your *BLEEP* and take a *S%&T* on yourself….you *BLEEPING* joke of a reporter…….*BLEEP* U……*BLEEP* HOLE!

    Coach Korn had to be walked off stage by sercurity…..stay tuned.

  8. Reporter,even though we’ve been listening to all the hoopla over the last few days.The coach (aka jersey rebel) of the Readskins have spoke to us”yea this coach CORN,KORN,CORNEY what ever his name is.He better get his Seahawlks together because when they come to the TeePee (aka FEDEX FIELD) the tribe will be on the hunt for fowl” meaning Sea Pigeons.

  9. This coach is coming from the afc and thinks he’s gonna dominate. Man bring them hawks to the mosters of the midway aka the Bears division.

  10. Red Bryant, “I’m going to break RGIII’s legs when we spare off. They are just lucky it won’t be year 1 LOL”

  11. Reporter, “Coach Korn… do you feel about the recent comments about your team from the Deadskins organization?”

    Crowd laughs!

    Coach Korn, “We hear these other teams talking….it just lets us know that other teams are watching us. That means we are doing something right. I mean aren’t those guys in the NFC East?….thats not even our division……all they did was make our practices stronger and my defense line hungry…….They BETTER draft offensive linemen in the draft.”

    smiles as he leaves the stage…..

  12. Earl Thomas, “I wasn’t even here but I guess they are still mad about the 2005 season when the Seahawks beat them in the playoffs.”

  13. Don’t bring your bad karma over here……just get out of your division……ur predictions for your team don’t apply over here!

  14. “Coach Korn, “We hear these other teams talking….it just lets us know that other teams are watching us. That means we are doing something right”

    Kid Life Boss Rj……good luck to you too guy! shoulld be a great season!

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