NHL 13 Demo Hits the Ice on August 21


EA SPORTS NHL Fans, the moment is fast approaching!

 On August 21 (August 22 on
PSN in Europe), you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the NHL 13
demo available for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. This
year’s demo will offer a brand new gameplay experience headlined by True Performance Skating and EA SPORTS Hockey
. The demo will feature access to four different modes

The demo will feature access to four different modes – Play Now, NHL Moments Live, Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and Free Skate – and the ability to earn up to three HUT Item Packs to use in the full version of NHL 13.

In Play Now, select either the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings or the New Jersey Devils as you battle it out in the third period. The period will start with a randomized score each time you play. Test out the all-new ‘True Broadcast’ camera which delivers a startlingly realistic hockey broadcast presentation as the camera swivels and zooms to capture every moment.

The all-new NHL Moments Live mode offers you the chance to relive some of the most thrilling moments from today’s NHL. In the demo, relive the dramatic overtime showdown of Game Five of the Western Conference Final between the Kings and Phoenix Coyotes. The moment is introduced by real-world NHL footage in the menu video showcase that draws you into the intensity of the moment before you start the moment. If you complete the moment, you’ll receive a HUT Item Pack.

Create a fantasy team without boundaries as you test your skills at Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 13. HUT features a revamped design, improved reward system and an exciting new playoff format. In the NHL 13 demo, enter HUT to receive a HUT Item Pack. Unlock your starter pack and play in a tournament. If you beat Team USA and win the tournament you’ll receive an upgraded HUT Pack

In Free Skate, hone your skills and get that practice time in while you can. When NHL 13 hits the shelves on September 11, you want to make sure you’re ready to beat the best of the best and take home Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Invite a Friend to download the demo, to receive one HUT Item Pack. You can also watch the GM Connected trailer and the True Performance Skating Tutorial in the demo.

We’re excited to finally announce the NHL 13 demo and we can’t wait until August 21 hits so you can get your hands on it. We hope you enjoy it!

NHL 13 will be released on September 11.


3 thoughts on “NHL 13 Demo Hits the Ice on August 21”

  1. Looking forwarod time to this demo this year……went and bought nhl 10 just to get use to the changes and controls and had a great time playing offline……looking forward to the my player aspect.

    1. yea man i cant wait tell it comes out 9/11 what i great B-day gift.and i know that if you like NHL10 you will love NHL 13.

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