TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC NORTH

To check out the NFC NORTH division breakdown go here.

Who do you think will win this division? The only significantly proven commodity is the Cincinnati Bengals & their owner Cincy life with 4 Super Bowl Wins and 20+ Playoff Appearances. Can newcomer to the division MOJO HS and the ferocious Ravens D stop them? Will Blitzbugh’s D consist of more than man blitz & BOMBING it to Mike Wallace on offense? Do the Browns and 29 year old  QB Brandon Weedon even stand a chance? Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

16 thoughts on “TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC NORTH”

  1. THE RAVENS & THE BENGALS will run this division, thanks to a coaching upgrade, the Ravens may be the team to beat in that division. You can never count out Cincy tho, DawgPound has no chance…. The wild card is Blitzburgh but like usual he will probably have 1 good season and the rest just starting out well just to end slightly outside of the playoffs… things never change!!

    1. BIG Dawg Come over to the NFC South for some real competition… We all would be 1st in that division!!!

  2. I got cincy 1st Mojo 2nd Blitz 3rd and Dawgpound 4th. Maybe blitz will make it to the wildcard in the 3rd or 4th season

  3. the afc north as i see it:

    1: cincy, has there even been a year he didnt win the division?
    2:mojo, i really think hes the second best player in this division with the best team
    3:blitz, sorry but you just can never finish a season the way you seem to start em
    4:dawgpound will always and forever be the whipping boy of the league…oops i mean division

    in conclusion, the more things change the more they stay the same. cincy’s division with steelers and ravens fighting for 2nd place.

    threat level:defcon 3

    1. ummm my last season in that division i dominated that shit…i went 7-0 including kicking Cincy’s (for the 3rd time that yr I might add) ass in the playoffs. So to answer your question yeah it was a season he didnt win it. They lucky im gone out west

      1. Mr lucky rabbits foot having weak ass browns. This my division always has always will be just know I see them black and silver sissy’s this season. watch yo mouth!

  4. I see it being Mojo & Cincy going back and forth in this division. It will always come down to the head to head games between them to. Blitz will hang around and make a run every now then at but he will constntly finish 3rd. I guess that leaves DawgPound in last place

  5. Reporter, “Coach Korn who do you having winning the AFC North this year?”

    Coach Korn, “After a one year run with the Ravens I wish them luck…..only played Mojo once but with that defense intact…..they will be a problem.

    Pittsburgh’s Defense is always tough and will keep scores close with most teams in the league…..key factor when will Mike Wallace sign?

    The Bengals WR A.J Green will be a handful in that division.

    The Browns coach has just come off suspension…..plus I like the rookie RB Richardson.”

    Prediction Year 1:

  6. the DD report is in
    cincy -just too dam good
    pound -up and coming his run game and drags will cause problems
    blitz – meh making the cpu play d wont work as well in this madden
    mojo – does not have the TE he needs for his offence to go places

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