TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC SOUTH

To check out the NFC NORTH division breakdown go here. AFC NORTH breakdown go here.

This division is what one may consider a tough division. Resisting Frame has one numerous division titles, had numerous playoff appearances as the Bucs but so has his cohort Capt, the coach of the Saints. While Frame made it to the Super Bowl and lost in Madden 12, Capt did it twice. When it comes to Super Bowls, he is the John Elway prior to Terrell Davis, just can’t do it in the big game. Can he like Elway finally lead his team to a championship? Not mentioned is another Super Bowl loser in VersaOnDaBeat, who lost in the Super Bowl in Madden 12 TSG OF, with Killa Cam at the helm this team is dangerous and could be my sleeper pick to win this division! Hoodnemesis is no slouch and the Falcons are a tough team, with 3 former NFC Champions in the division, if Hood can pull this division out he will surprise a lot of people. What do you think? Please comment below…..

20 thoughts on “TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC SOUTH”

  1. I think the Panthers sneak up & win this division.. this is a tough division, but one I think Frame will struggle to even make the Wild card spot in. Hood is good, so he is always a wild card in division games and could eventually supplant Frame as the 3rd seed in that division annually. I think it has 2 perennial playoff contenders in Versa (Panthers) & Capt (Saints) with both possibly representing the NFC in the Super Bowl…. that is if they can get by GREEN BAY!! Look forward to seeing you guys in the playoffs.

  2. I see three different division winners in this division over the course of this franchise. Capt, Frame and Goon. I have never played Hood so I dont know what to expect from him.

    for the 1st season its going like this


  3. No corners can match the falcons receivers in the NFC south..so if he can master them and NOT trade them the order would be…
    That is all

  4. Who ever has me 3rd must be buggin!!!!!!!!!! I expect to be in 1st or 2nd the majority of the time. In 2 years of being in TSG Ive only missed the playoffs twice and that was with 2 superbowl contenders in 463 and capt. And I also made a superbowl appearance each year. Respect much?

    I have it me and capt fighting for the division most of the time…versa sneaking in once in while and hood being 4th but still with a decent record.

  5. the nfc south as i see it:

    1:capt, he gets this spot solely from the SB appearances. those just have to be respected.
    2:frame, the dude has had this team for as long as i can remember. thats gotta stand for something. not too consistent tho.
    3:versa, tough putting him third here but hes new to this division. if he plays all his games tho theres a good chance he gets that second place maybe even first.
    4:hood, not sure about him. i dont even kno how good he is. has he played 10 games in a season yet?

    in conclusion, this division is pretty darn stacked. they got three guys that could all win the division and not be a surprise to anyone. they all even have SB potential. SCARY

    threat level: defcon 2

  6. Reporter, “Whats your breakdown for the NFC South?”

    Coach Korn, “The Saints didn’t lose much this offseason……if anything they got stronger with new Free Agent signings like Ben Grubbs, Curtis Lofton, and David Hawthorne……plus Mark Ingram is healthy this year.

    The Falcons WR RB tandum of Mike Turner, Julio Jones and Roddy White will cause havoc this year…..with a solid Defense this year……they will be had to beat.

    The Panther Cam Newton will have to prove has sophmore year can be better or on par with his breakout rookie year but with help from WR Steve Smith, rookie C Kalil and that RB tandum……he will have plenty of help…….don’t forget Jon Beason still anchors that Defense.

    The Buccs Josh Freeman proved he’s one of the better young QB’s in the NFL last year….David Joseph getting hurt could hamper a early start from the offense….but the Defense should make up for that with the addition of SS Mark Barron……they don’t have many holes on Defense.”

    1st year prediction:


  7. This is whats going to happen because cincy say so. Capt saints 1st Versa panthers 2nd Frame bucs 3rd and Hood falcons last

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