TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC SOUTH

To check out the NFC NORTH division breakdown go here. AFC NORTH breakdown go here. NFC South breakdown go here.

With the so-called King of the AFC South, chubbzz0727, moving on to the 49ers this year (via random draw) the division could be wide open. Is this DD’s time to finally shine and make some sort of splash into the playoffs or as a division winner? Or are newcomers MR463 (Colts) & cowboys2k9 (Titans) to much for him to overcome, with a Super Bowl title & many playoff appearances between them. Ricoman is always a tough game and could easily battle any of these other teams for a Wild Card spot or even division title, but is Sunshine aka Blaine Gabbert really a NFL QB? Only time will tell, so please feel free to comment below on who you think can win this division, how tough the division is & are there any contenders for a championship in it…..

10 thoughts on “TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC SOUTH”

  1. Sorry DD as much as I would like to see you break out of SEA WORLD and actually make it to a Super Bowl, we only have room for 1 Canadian Champion & that would be ur cuzo Ninja… This division is 463s for the taking but with CJ2k I see cowboys giving him a run for his money. Rico is always tough & MJD can kill you with his pinball like qualities! All in all this is one of the toughest divisions in football & am looking forward to see who the “NEW King of the AFC SOUTH” is……..

  2. Reporter, “Whats your breakdown for the AFC South Coach Korn?”

    Coach Korn, “the Colts losing Peyton Manning to me…..means that team is going to struggle…rookie QB Andrew Luck has alot riding on his shoulders. Reggie Wayne will provide a fast veteran target and rookie TE / last year teammate Coby Fleener will help with the learning curve. Dwight Freeney will be a sack machine looking for help.

    The Jaguars star RB MJD is still waiting for a contract extension…..whenever he signs……that team will be very hard to stop……rookie WR Blackmond has shown in preseason that he is the real deal.

    The Titans have a healthy Chris Johnson this year……..question mark is how well will 2nd year QB Jake Locker be this year? The Titans have 7 rookies including Rookie WR Kendall Wright that should make the 53 man roster this year…..The move of Cortland Finnegan to the Rams will effect that Defense.

    The Texans running game was one of the best last year as Arian Foster pounded for first down after first down. Veteran Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson…..any questions!!! The Texans defense is no slouch. With names like Brian Cushing, JJ Watt, Johnathan Joseph, and veteran Bradie James that defense will be solid.”

    1st Year Predictions:

  3. Texans
    Titans and colts need few more seasons before becoming contenders. Texans team too strong, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t sweep his division.
    That is all

  4. the afc south as i see it:

    1:cowboys2k9, a little bias here but i kno how good the team can play and how good a player he is.
    2:rico. this man keeps those lowly jaguars in the conversation every single year. even when i was there he was the only one consistently close to winning the division.
    3:dd atrocity: what can i say here….very big bark w/ a microscopic bite. i put him here only because the team is too talented to do worse.
    4:46, the colts could quite possibly be the worst team in the the league. maybe if 46 can recapture some of his magic circa madden 11 he could make some hay.

    in conclusion, this division is made up of guys on similar levels skill wise. anyone could win this division any year but i dont see a SB contender in this one.

    threat level: defcon 4

  5. From what Ive seen so far, it looks like DD is going to have a strong season with Andre Johnson on his team. 463 can def take over if he can get control of how his team works and cause DD to have turnovers during their lg games. Cowboys 2k9 doesnt seem to have a good flow with CJ yet so I expect him to be third. Lastly its Rico man who doesnt seem to make a big pop in this division.

  6. hello hello… ive seen what u all think and i guess there is nothing wrong with what i have read so far. DD and the texans DD and the texans such a hot topic i dont blame u all we are by far the most animated team in TSG right now and all we are about is winning, WE ARE the best team in the AFC the team to beat like it or not madden 13 you all best be prepared for what these TEXANS are about to do.

  7. 463 will trade his team away and TALK ALOT!
    D.D. Will beast with Andre and put up dumb numbers, but cant win it
    Cowboy I just have no clue with that new team
    Rico will continue to yell at a high pitch and will continue to be on the playoff cusp.


    I think it is WIDE open to be honest… All can be REALLY good, All are known for beating themselves…

    Coin Toss:
    There will be multiple Division Winners in this one

  8. i dont know whos gonna step up here an take it but i see it going down like this

    3.rrrrrrrrrrico man

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