TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC WEST


Who do you think will win this division? It is filled with 2 Super Bowl Winners, a tough out & an “easy win”. Twon is used to an uphill battle but this 2 time SB Champ is up for the challenge with the Cardinals as he is one of the best GM’s in TSG. Korn is always a tough win and occassionaly goes to the playoff but in a tough division and an even tougher NFC it may be hard for him to see the postseason. Chubbzz0727 is probably the cream of the crop in this division with one of the best teams on the game as well, so this could easily be his division yearly. Lastly Pogi is a wild card, he hasn’t been around for a little bit but is often considered as an “easy win”.

14 thoughts on “TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: NFC WEST”

  1. Reporter, ” So Coach Korn you division is being talked about now…….where will you guys place?”

    Coach Korn, ” I feel we will win our division…..we have some tough coaches in this division but NO COACH is better than ME. Chubbz doesn’t have the running back in chis Johnson anymore to run side to side all day any more…..he will have to rely on defense and the long ball to moss n manningham.

    Twan is the wild card here……him not having a deep team like he is use to might hamper him for half a season until he trades his way to the team he wants and then he will be a problem…..Larry Fitz has got to be the no.2 WR in the LG.

    Pogi and the Rams I think might surprise people this year if they get serious……they have a young team…..Sam Bradford has targets this year

    We will be in the mix……there is no other way to put it……write us off on your schedules if you want but we are not the team to do that with…….you will understand when we meet….trust me.”

    First year predictions:
    Seahawks (playoffs)

  2. Chubbz team is overrated he will easily win this divsion. Second place will be dog fight between Twon and Korn there styles will clash which will lead to some interesting games. If I had to choose I would have to give it to twon because of his madden 12 2 super bowl campaign. Pogi first round draft pick.

  3. All these cats will knock each other off…. I see it going

    Chubbzz (fluke team)
    Twon/Korn (Coin Flip)
    Pogi (ZZZzzzzZZZ) SLEEPER. Literally

  4. chubbz- only cuz the 9ers are so good lets see if he is any good with no cj2k
    twon- will take over after a few seasons
    korn- its gonna be hard down there
    pogi- ????? been missing tooo long

  5. am I the only one crazy enough to say that Pogi will come in 1st?…..I dont think it will happen either.

    1. Chubbz
    2. Twon
    3 Korn
    4. Pogi

  6. pogi and korn are not good and have no chance to win the division if chubbz doesnt have chris johnson he is NOT better then twon prediction- Twon, Chubbz Korn and Pogi

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