TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC WEST


This is one of the toughest divisions in TSG this year, who do you think will come out on top? Ninja is probably considered the best of the best in all of TSG winning a record 6 Super Bowl titles, the team he has is a quiet powerhouse as well, enough said. Bosoulja surprised a lot of people in TSG in Madden 12 when he took over for the Browns & ended up stealing the division away from Cincy, so he is a tough match up and now has his favorite team the Oakland Raiders. Broncomaniac is a big Broncos fan and made some noise in the division last Madden with the addition of Peyton Manning this team is dangerous. Deathpool is on a good team but not sure how much noise he can make in this division with all the competition & an aging team. Please Comment Below on what you think will pan out:

16 thoughts on “TSG Madden 13 OF (Connected Career) Division Round Up: AFC WEST”

  1. Tough division…. I’d be stupid to pick anyone above Ninja due to his legacy, if anyone can knock him off consistently in this division I would give it to BO. Deathpool has NO CHANCE AT WINNING THIS DIVISION. Broncos will be a tough win with Peyton and is a Wild Card wen it comes to being a force in this division…. MY PREDICTION: BOSOULJA, NINJA, BRONCO, POOL (U SUCK POOL, haha)

  2. this division is kinda weak !! I put ninja first and pool in a close second only because of ninjas legacy then it will be bronco and last bo !!

  3. This is a very tough division, probably one of the toughest in this years madden. You have a 6 time superbowl champion in Chunnin. Deathpool has made it to a couple superbowls and is a great player, bosoulja who came into the league late and put in work, changed your outlook on the browns, and came out with a good result ending with a division tittle, and Bronco had a few upsets wins last year as the broncos but couldn’t get past Twon to grasp that tittle.

    1-Chunnin. My fellow Canadian has been doing ever since since Monkeys2k and i know he still has the skill to get a couple more rings. He has great young talented team and will do work with them. Probably one of the best players to ever play this game.

    2-Deathpool. We have had our rivalry in Madden 10, i know how good of a player he is and took a couple of tough superbowl losses, but is a great GM and will make it far into the playoffs.

    3-Bosoulja. Got the chance to play him last year, and it was a close game.He can put up points. Will be a great competitor, and will get a tittle this year.

    4-Bronco. I Have alot of respect for this man not only has a player, but a TSG member. Will have some upset wins again, but don’t see him taking a tittle, but do see him making the playoffs. I hope he can prove me wrong.

    Mr McKay

  4. I have chunnin first just cause he has consistently done so in the past maddens, but with deathpool (if he plays to expectations unlike last year) will be creeping towards him. 3rd, I have Bronco just cause he has a style of play that frustrates players and throws them off their A game. And Bo will be 4th, he did notch up wins during the final season but by them most players have lost intensity from wear and tear. But def one of the toughest divisions in the TSG lg

  5. Reporter, “Coach Korn how do you feel about the AFC West?”

    Coach Korn, “Thats the division to watch….should be very interesting!

    The Raiders have speed on top of speed…..the new coach Bo Soulja was a nice move….can he take speed and turn it into points? WR’s Moore and Bey mixed with McFadden can make for some very unpredictable schemes. Palmer should know the offense this year. On defense Seymour and McClain will need help to anchor that defense….unless Coach Bo has something up his sleeve.

    The Cheifs bring in a TSG hall of fame coach to a offense that needs no help…..the addition of Peyton Hillis should balance the run game if J.Charles can stay healthy. Matt Cassell will have a great year under coach Ninja. On defense the chiefs are solid. A big question mark is rookie DT Poe who hasn’t shown up in the preseason. Tamba Hali will anchor that defense….watch out for the emergences of Jacques Reeves.

    The Broncos bring a mean Defense back for the 2012-13 season. Von Miller, Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil lead that pack. And I believe will be in the running for top defense in the league. On offense…..welcome the legend Peyton Manning…..who has already made Erick Decker a house hold name.Willis McGahee will benefit from Manning also as teams will look pass more than run. LT Big Ryan Clady has been working hard with his fellow O lineman to make sure Manning doesn’t get touched.

    The Chargers bring in Coach Deathpool this year…a very tough coach to game plan against. The question in San Diego is can he prepare that team for the 2012-2013 season? On Offense Phillip Rivers has plenty of targets this year…..Robert Meachem, Malcom Floyd, Eddie Royal and who can forget TE Antionio Gates……..losing Vincent Jackson to the Buccs is a story to watch. Ryan Mattews might struggle as Brees and coach Deathpool iron out the offense. On defense the Chargers will be very solid……very very solid.

    1st year predictions:

  6. the chargers have a big announcement we are no longer called the chargers we are now the super Poolificators that is all

  7. the afc west as i see it:

    1:chuunin, i mean really whats the point.
    2:bosoulja, if you can win a division with the browns your really good. and the raiders have always been a great madden team.
    3:broncomaniac, lets face it this spot is a toss up between the final two owners but the brocos are the better team here
    4:deathpool, sad that he goes from one tough division to an even tougher one. maybe a couple seasons down the road he can start his climb upward.

    in conclusion, this division is really good. very similar to the nfc south. the one true person that takes this division to a whole other threat level is the one that will own it for the duration of this madden. without ninja this division wouldnt be too hot. but the rest of the division will ratchet up their play and become better players just to compete w/ the guy. they have to.

    threat level: defcon 2

  8. This division is hard.

    Ninja is what he is..6 time champ speaks for itself.

    Bronco and deathpool are both good players. Either one can win 11 games in a season

    I dont know if I can win this bitch or not but this is the hardest division in the lg

  9. Coin Flip:

    Ninja IMO needs that elite QB to win FOR SURE. And Cassel is not it. It will be good to see how he adapts with those KC weapons and pairing him with Eric Berrrrrrry…. Eric Berry will DEFINITELY be a boost to his D.

    Bo. From what I heard, is good, and took that under talented Browns team to some decent W/L records. Now with some talent, Bo will be strong for this division as well as for the AFC


    DeathPool. When he can find his niche is hard to beat. With the balance O and D could just balance himself out.

    Bronco. He definitely has the talent on O and D to shock the world. I like Bronco because he is a student of the game. I have watched him get better each season. I think that team will be hard to beat if he game manage the games that the opponent may be better than him.

    Im not gonna say who wins this… AFC West and NFC South are going to be 2 tough conferences to watch…. Should be good. (Get Ya Popcorn)

  10. Off topic a bit but I found this article today on when the roster update drops….plus are ya’ll in favor of cut day rosters or the 53 man roster?


    The second Madden NFL 13 roster update will be available for download on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on Saturday morning. The update will reflect the final 53 man rosters of all 32 NFL teams. Details regarding the update will be available Friday morning.

    The initial 75 man preseason rosters that were released with Madden NFL 13 will continue to be available for offline and online Connected Careers so that fans who want to manage the final roster of their team can do so. Final 53 man rosters will also be made available early next week for offline and online Connected Careers giving users the choice to use either roster when starting their Connected Careers experience.

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