Delay in user control catching in Madden 13

This is a few examples of a delay in the user control catching/reaction time in Madden 13.

FYI this is not a video to bash EA,or Madden 13.This is an attempt to make madden a better game.

Here are  passes to where if your recievers are in a pressed coverage,or cover 2 and beat the press or got passed the cover 2 blue zone and your trying to precision pass or touch pass between the corner and the safety where you have a 5 yard cussion over the top and beneath the WR. You can see that I’m throwing the ball low and behind the WR. I click on him, turn around face the ball, press the Y button to make the catch and the reciever never reacts to me usering him. He just either squats in his rout everytime with no reaction to catch the ball, or he just turns around, faces the ball, doesn’t put his hands up and gets hit in the face with the ball. This is something in the game that needs to be fixed because it’s a sure pick/ interception everytime for the opponent. This is a reward for the defence that is being caught out of position/ chess match on a passing play.

3 thoughts on “Delay in user control catching in Madden 13”

  1. You have to wait for the Button to light up. From the video it shows that its still not highlighted so theres a strong chance he wont be able to react to the ball properly.

  2. no if you seen or listen to the developers gameplay vidoes back in june you would know that you only have to wait for the icon light up if your throwing a pass and your letting the cpu the catch it for you,THEN you need to wait for him to turn around/look at the ball /lightup before you pass it.BUT if you want/or have to pass it early to avoid pass rush/or place the ball in a spot for th WR to go get it before he is looking for the ball you HAVE TO USER IT.

  3. hold Y this year…in the manual it says “hold down Y rather than just tapping it, to give yourself a longer catch window.” hope that helps

    4th page of the manual….bottom…..prima pro tip.

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