Though the voice command functionality with Kinect for Xbox 360 proved mostly forgettable and in some cases acted as a nuisance for Madden NFL 13 it should pay dividends when it comes to those sports with more continuous action like FIFA 13 and NBA 2K13. A new video from 2K Sports highlights how Kinect has been implemented in 2K13 allowing for actions such as substitutions and play calling to be made through voice commands.


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  1. Looks good……i also heard that cussing would give Tech fouls…….not sure but thats what I heard from somewhere…….that plus these features would have me get the kinect just for this game and future 2k/madden titles because in 2k………it’s tougher to call plays then to just come down and play 2k……u know. This would save time in a 24 sec shot clock…… subs where a problem last year. The system was broken to a point…..not unplayable but I think really turned people off to the point that…..people would just let the cpu sub for them……lazy to me but this could help with time management when it comes to these areas……plus tech fouls would be a feature unseen in any B-ball game that I could remember.

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