NHL 13 Now Available to Download Through Season Ticket

Subscribers to the EA Sports Season Ticket program can now access the early release digital download of NHL 13 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The digital copy of NHL 13 will expire early Tuesday (6am ET) after which a retail copy will have to be purchased. All game saves and achievements will transfer over. Every feature and mode is accessible during the Season Ticket period with the exception of Hockey Ultimate Team.

The ‘Season Ticket’ costs $25 and runs for a period of one year – providing over three days of early access and a 20% DLC discount for Madden NFL, NHL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and NCAA Football. For NHL 13 there is also the bonus of 24 “NHL Gold Premium Packs” for use in Ultimate Team that will be distributed regularly throughout the year.

Look for details on joining the Pastapadre GM Connected League on the 360 in the coming days!

For those who plan to but still haven’t made a purchase of NHL 13 consider the Amazon deal which includes a $15 promo credit to use towards future purchases on the site and exclusive Bauer Boost Pack on the standard edition. The only way to get release day shipping now however is by paying for overnight. Purchasing through the links (Standard: 360PS3 / Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition: 360PS3) helps to support the site and future giveaways!



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