Wrestlemania 29 Results: The Champ Is Here? 21-0? End Of An Era?


The YouTube Preshow kicks off with Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show. The audience is MASSIVE and ready to go. Matt Striker runs down the Intercontinental Championship Match. Scott Stanford, Jim Ross, Kofi Kingston, and Dusty Rhodes are setup in a seperate arena much like NHL on FOX. A video package for the World Championship Match is shown. Stanford, Ross, Kofi, and Dusty talk about the World Title Match.

A “Coming Home” video with featuring members with the WWE Universe pictures shown over it. A hype video for HHH vs Brock Lesnar is shown. Stanford, Kofi, Ross, and Dusty talk about Lesnar and HHH’s match while the audience behind them chant, “We Want Ryder.” Tony Dawson is outside with the WWE Universe in the parking lot who are tailgating.

In the back, Snooki is chatting up with The Miz, who thanks him for calling her a MILF. Wade Barrett comes in they hype their match. Josh and Striker ask the WWE Universe to Tout their favorite Wrestlemania moment. A hype video for Ryback and Mark Henry is shown. Mark Henry is in the interview arena and talks about his match with Ryback. He states that tonight is the night that Ryback enters the Hall of Pain. Kofi, Stanford, Ross, and Dusty talks about Henry vs Ryback.

A recap of Thursday’s press conference is shown. A hype video for The Undertaker vs CM Punk is shown. Kofi, Ross, Stanford, and Dusty talk about Taker vs CM Punk. A WWEShop promo is shown. We go outside again with Tony Dawson and he presents a video of what the WWE Universe are looking forward to the most. A few Touts from WWE fans who talk about their favorite Wrestlemania moments. Another hype video, this time featuring Sheamus, Orton, Show vs The Shield is shown.

Kofi, Stanford, Dusty, and JR talk about the match. The Miz makes his entrance but sadly no inflatable Awesome this time. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett comes down to the ramp with the title around his waist.

WWE Intercontinetal Championship Match
Wade Barrett vs The Miz

The Miz and Wade lock up in the middle of the ring. Wade kicks Miz in the gut as he bounces off the turnbuckle. Barrett places the Miz over the ropes and kicks him in the stomach once again. Barrett put The Miz through the rope and tries to go for his kick but The Miz counters with a boot of his own. The Miz hits a high knee followed by his neckbreaker combo for 2. Barrett goes for Wasteland, The Miz goes for the Finale but they both Miz. As The Miz goes for his corner clothesline, Wade hits him with the Winds of Change for 2. Wade goes for the Bull Hammer but Miz counters with the Figure Four. Barrett gets to the ropes. Barrett hits Wasteland for 2. The Miz hits a drop toe hold and locks in the Figure Four once again for the win.

WINNER and NEW Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

The Miz celebrates with his title as we head back to Stanford, Ross, Kofi, and Dusty who talk about The Rock vs John Cena. A video package for the WWE Championship match is shown. The concludes the YouTube PreShow.

WWE Wrestlemania 29

A video describing the damage of Super Storm Sandy is shown, narrarated by NJ Governor Chris Christie. The video begins with a somber tone but quickly picks up with how New York and New Jersey fought back against the devastation. Christie welcomes us to Wrestlemania. Michael Cole opens up the show with the New Jersey National Guard waving American Flags at the entrance way. The opening video for Wrestlemania is shown with recaps of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history shown.

Sheamus makes his way down to the ring and it looks like the 6-Man Tag Team Match will start the show. Randy Orton and The Big Show come out and the three of them walk down the ramp as a team. Michael Cole, JBL, and The King are the commentary team for the night and their are dressed in tuxedos. The Spanish Announce Team is introduced as well. The Shield’s music hits and they make their way to the ring through the crowd.

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show vs The Shield

Roman and Sheamus start things off for their groups. Roman and Sheamus begin to punch each other into the various corners. Randy Orton is tagged in and they double team Roman. Orton begins to stomp on Roman. Roman knees Orton in the gut and tags in Rollins who is taken down. Orton goes for the 10 Corner punch and hits them all. Orton hits Rollins with a rope assisted suplex. Sheamus is tagged back in. Rollins tags in Dean and they stomp Sheamus into the corner.

Sheamus hits Dean with a powerslam and tags in The Big Show. The Big Show rips off Dean’s vest and hits his corner chopped. Dean taunts Show who hits rapid chops onto him. Dean tags Rollins back in who stomps on Show and he then tags in Roman. Dean is now in, shirtless, and he chokes The Big Show on the ropes. Rollins is in and he hits a Shining Wizard onto The Big Show for 2.

Roman is back in and headbutts Show before locking in a necklock. Sheamus comes into the ring and hits Rollins with a high knee before hitting Rollins with his 10 clubbing blows on the outside. Sheamus is not done as he does the same thing to Dean. Sheamus hits Rollins and Dean with Rolling Sentons. The Shield is now in control and goes for their triple powerbomb but Show breaks it up by hitting a Spear onto Roman to break everything up.

Sheamus is down in the ring and he was going for the tag to Show but Orton tags himself in. Orton hits his signature moves onto Dean, hits an RKO on Rollins, but Roman comes in and Spears Orton for the win. The Big Show could have broken up the pin but did nothing since Orton tagged himself in eariler.

WINNER: The Shield

After the match is over, The Big Show hits a KO Punch onto both Sheamus and Randy Orton. The question is, why didn’t The Big Show stop the pin?

A hype video for The Rock vs John Cena is shown.

Snooki from Jersey Show is shown and she is booed.

Mark Henry comes down the aisle with an angry look on his face. His match with Ryback is coming up next.

Ryback comes down to the rampway to a decent pop but nothing spectacular.

Ryback vs Mark Henry

The bell rings and both of these two monsters stare at each other in the middle of the ring. They both go for an attack but it is a stalemate between the two. Ryback and Mark Henry begin to punch it out. Ryback goes for a clothesline but Mark Henry clotheslines him down to the mat and follows it up with a running powerslam after one. Ryback goes for a Suplex on Mark Henry but he cannot do it.

Mark Henry lifts Ryback onto the apron and smashes Ryback’s head into the turnbuckle before clotheslining Ryback to the floor while he was out of the apron. Ryback gets into the ring again but Mark Henry is in total control and locks in the Bearhug into Ryback. This match has a very slow place to it. Mark Henry clotheslines Ryback to the outside once again and he is getting the crowd behind him as he dominates this match.

Ryback makes it into the ring at the count of nine and he met with a boot to the face and locked into the Big Bearhug once again. Ryback fights out of the Bearhug but Henry immediately scoop slams The Big Hungry to the mat as the crowd begins to chant Goldberg. Mark Henry comes out of the corner and Ryback hits The Meathook Clothesline. Ryback is able to get Mark Henry up for Shellshocked but Mark Henry is to much and the fall of the mat. Mark Henry goes for the cover, shocks the world, and gets the win.

WINNER: Mark Henry

The doctors come into the ring to check on Ryback. Mark Henry sends the away but Ryback pops up to his feet and hits him with a Spinebuster. Ryback is able to lift Mark Henry up for Shellshocked and gets the crowd to chant “Feed Me More”

A video hyping WWE’s partnership with the special Olympics is shown and some of the athletes are shown onstage with Stephanie McMahon and Governor Chris Christie.

Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler comes out to the ring to a big pop with his tag team partner Big E. Langston and his girlfriend A.J. Lee in tow.

The fires of Hell explode and Team Hell No makes their way down to the ring holding their tag team championships.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Team Hell No (c) vs Big E. Langston and Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan start things off. Ziggler kisses AJ to mock him for his loss last year but Daniel kicks him in the skull for a two count. Ziggler goes outside but is meet with a suicide dive by Daniel Bryan who rolls him back into the ring and slaps him with various kicks. Ziggler tags Langston in and Daniel tags in Kane. Big E. show off his impressive strength and hits multiple backbreakers on Kane.

Big E. hits a clothesline that sends Kane down to the mat and he tags in Dolph Ziggler who hits several kicks before tagging in Langston again. The commentary team talk up Langston’s strength while Ziggler comes back into the match. Kane hits his sideslam for 2. Kane goes for his clothlesline but misses and Ziggler botches his Fameasser for 2. Langston comes into the ring and hits a big splash. Ziggler hits the Zig Zig for 2 on Kane.

Daniel Bryan hits Big E. with a running knee from the apron to tag him out. Ziggler calls for the MITB briefcase but misses Kane who follows up with a chokeslam. Daniel Bryan tags in and nails a flying headbutt for the win.

WINNERS and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

Team Hell No leads the arena is a MASSIVE Yes Chant as they head to the back.

John Cena’s Make-A-Wish Video is shown.

The entrance arena is filled with beautiful women who are dancing to Fandango’s music. The man himself makes his way down to the ring for his match with Chris Jericho.

A recap of Chris Jericho and Fandango’s brief feud is shown.

Chris Jericho comes out in his Bright-Lite jacket to the first truly massive pop of the night. As Chris Jericho is halfway down to the ring, he does his pose again, and fireworks light up the sky.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

The bell rings and Fandango dances on the edge of the ring. Jericho does have time for that and he spears Fandango, hitting him with a variety of bunch. Jericho pushes Fandango into the corner and stomps him. Chris Jericho hits The Codebreaker but Fandango rolls out of the ring. Y2J hits a flying cross body onto Fandango on the side and briefly poses with the crowd.

Jericho puts Fandango into the ring and slaps him before sending him to the outside once again. Jericho goes for the triangle dropkick but Fandango kicks him in the head as he comes down, Fandango gets a 2 count for that move. Fandango poses for a minute before putting the boots to Jericho. Jericho is put into a necklock but is able to break out. Jericho goes up top and hits a double axe handle followed up by a Theisz Press.

Jericho goes up top again and hits another flying crossbody for 2. Fandango is able to send Jericho into the post and follows up with a Mic Check. Fandango goes for the Leg Drop from the Top and hits it but he is only able to get 2. Jericho goes for the Walls but Fandango breaks out of it. He goes up top again for the leg drop but Jericho is able to stop him. One more time off the top rope but misses again. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but overshoots it, he follows it up with another Walls attempt but Fandango rolls him up for win.

WINNER: Fandango

A recap of The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship victory is shown before the second hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown.

If you need to a bathroom break, now is your time, Diddy’s concert is on. Skyler Grey makes her way out to sing her song, “Coming Home” which is the Wrestlemania Theme.

A hype video for Alberto del Rio vs Jack Swagger is shown.

Jack Swagger doesn’t even get a damn entrance. We come back from the video, Zeb Colter is in the ring, and he cuts one of his racist promos.

Ricardo Rodriquez comes out and introduces the World Champion, Alberto del Rio. Del Rio comes out in a white robe with the title around his waist.

Lillian Garcia is in the ring and gives the champion and challenger their introductions.

World Championship Match
Alberto del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger

Continue to refresh this page throughout the evening for the latest results.

Del Rio sends Jack Swagger into the corner and kicks him in the gut. Swagger goes to the outside and Del Rio hits a dropkick through the ropes. Swagger sends Del Rio’s shoulder into the turnbuckle and hits several knees to Del Rio’s gut. Del Rio locks in a Crucifix Pin for two and after Swagger gets out of it and follows up with a kick to the head, Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb for two.

Jack Swagger is on the outside and tries to crotch Del Rio on the post but fails. Back in the Swagger is hit with a boot to the head and then gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before hitting a Superkick on Swagger as he was on his knees for two. Del Rio goes for the Armbreaker but Swagger counters with a twisting slam. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock but Del Rio counters. Del Rio hits Swagger in the back with several elbows before going for the backstabber which gets a 2.

Del Rio hits a German Suplex and goes for the Armbreaker again but Swagger counters with the Gutwrench Powerbomb for 2. Jack Swagger is able to lock in the Patriot Lock but Del Rio tries to get to the ropes only to fail. Somehow, Alberto is able to counter and locks Swagger into the Armbreaker. We have another counter and Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock again. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench powerbomb again but Del Rio counters with a running enziguri.

Del Rio hits his corner enziguri but Colter puts Swaggers foot on the ropes as Del Rio was going for the pin. On the outside of the ring, Swagger tosses Del Rio into the guard rail and rolls him back into the ring. As he was going into the ring, Del Rio locks in the Armbreaker again and Swagger taps out!

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto del Rio

No Dolph Ziggler cash in tonight as Del Rio stands victorious in the ring with his title.

The New Jersey Nation Guard get a shout out as we head into Taker vs Punk, their hype video is shown.

Living Colour is on the stage and they begin to play CM Punk’s entrance theme, Cult of Personality.

CM Punk makes his way down to the ring to a decent pops as Paul Heyman walks behind him with the Urn.

You hear the Gong and it is ON! The Undertaker makes his way down the ramp to the roar of the audience. When The Underaker is on the stage, zombies reach out of the ground and tries to grab a hold of The Deadman. (I did not make that up!)

The Undertaker vs CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman

The match starts off with CM Punk bitchslapping The Undertaker and running for his way. The announcers bring up the fact that CM Punk can win via countout of DQ. CM Punk runs into a big boot and Taker tosses him to the outside. On the outside, CM Punk is launched into the timekeepers area on the outside by The Undertaker before getting his head smashed into the Spanish announce table. The Undertaker takes everyone off the Spanish announce table before slamming Punk’s spine into the ring post.

The Undertaker hits the apron leg drop and both men are back in the ring once again. The Undertaker has CM Punk in the corner and hits him with several punches before going up for Old School but CM Punk takes him off the ropes with a deep arm drag. The Undertaker is finally down on the mat but CM Punk pull him up and mocks The Undertaker by hitting Old School himself before hitting a Side Russian Legsweep.

CM Punk puts The Undertaker in a brief armlock but The Deadman pushes CM Punk into the corner again and hits several powerful blows. The Undertaker goes for a running knee but CM Punk moves out of the way and Taker may have tweaked his knee. Taker is on the outside and CM Punk hits a flying crossbody on the outside before rolling The Undertaker into the ring and hitting a neckbreaker.

CM Punk is working over the shoulder of The Undertaker who comes back with several right hands but CM Punk counters one of the punches with a swinging neckbreaker. Punk locks The Undertaker into a necklock in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker hits Punk with a suplex and CM Punk once again goes for Old School but The Undertaker crotches him and sends him to the outside. CM Punk, off the distraction by Paul Heyman, is able to hit his springboard clothesline for two. Punk nails his running knee clothesline combo and goes up top for the Macho Drop but he only gets two.

CM Punk calls for the GTS but The Underaker counters with a chokeslam for two. The Undertaker lifts CM Punk up and goes for Snake Eyes but as he was going for the Boot, CM Punk counters with a spinning calf kick and clotheslines The Undertaker to the outside. The Underaker goes for The Last Ride through the announce table but CM Punk counters and kicks The Undertaker in the skull, laying on across the table. Punk goes up to the top rope and hits the Macho Drop on Taker but the announce table doesn’t break.

CM Punk is inside the ring and The Undertaker is trying to get back into the ring to beat the count, he does, and CM Punk cannot believe it. CM Punk crawls over to Taker who locks him into the Hell’s Gate, Punk counters with a small package for two, and Punk follows that up with the Anaconda Vice. The Undertaker power out of it and hits the Tombstone after he counters the GTS. The Undertaker goes for the Last Ride after the referee gets bumped and CM Punk hits Taker with the Urn for two. After multiple counters, The Undertaker comes out and top and hits Punk with another Tombstone for the win. 21-0!

WINNER: The Undertaker

The Undertaker is once again in possession of his scared urn, he poses with it in the middle of the ring, and the pyro explodes around the arena!

The third WWE Championship hype video is shown, followed by a video for HHH vs Brock Lesnar, which is next.

Thank the lord, HBK comes out to his own music and he does his prayer pose on the entrance ramp. He will be in the corner for his best friend for what could be his final match.

Brock Lesnar comes out to pretty much the same reaction he did in his last match at Wrestlemania with Goldberg, which is not a good one.

HHH makes his way down to the ring through a special skull shaped entrance way.

No Holds Barred
Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar goes for a takedown but HHH counters with several punches before they are both on the outside where HHH sends Lesnar into the barricade and smashes his hand on the apron and announce table. Lesnar tosses HHH into the audience and grabs a chair. HHH comes clotheslines Lesnar and he tries to meet him in the crowd. Lesnar sends HHH back into the ring and grabs the chair. HHH with a high knee and Heyman yanks the chair out of the ring before HHH could use it.

HHH dumps Lesnar to the outside and smashes his head into the steel ring steps. Lesnar hits a belly to belly throw on HHH on the outside. Lesnar dumps HHH onto the announce table and follows that up by suplexing him through the other one. Lesnar hits another belly to belly throw on a lifeless HHH on the outside however the match must be one inside of the ring. The crowd doesnt seem to give a damn for Lesnar’s offense as he stomps on HHH in the corner.

HHH hits his facebuster but Lesnar hits him with a clothesline and goes back to stomping HHH in the corner. HHH is able to hit Lesnar with a boot but Lesnar hits yet another belly to belly throw. Lesnar goes for a German Suplex and slams HHH does and goes for the pin but only gets 2. Lesnar tosses HHH to the outside and HBK tries to comes to his friends aide. Lesnar goes after HBK but HHH comes in from behind and clotheslines him into the time keepers area.

HHH wacks Lesnar on the back with a chair and rolls him back into the ring but Lesnar hits another German for a two count. HBK is clotheslined by Lesnar and HHH hits the spinebuster. Lesnar powers out and HBK comes in to try to help but gets an F-5 for his troubles. HHH uses the distraction and pedigrees Lesnar but only gets two. HHH grabs his Sledgehammer but misses Lesnar’s head who counters with an F-5 for two.

On the outside again, Lesnar has a chair and begins to hit HHH with it before sending him into the steps. Lesnar grabs the steel steps and smashes HHH in the skull with them. Lesnar throws the steel steps into the ring and pushes HHH back into the ring before calling for another shot with the steps and hit it, only getting two. HHH gets to his feet and bitchslaps Lesnar who goes for the Kimura Lock and locks it in.

Lesnar sits up on the top rope and tweaks HHH’s arm on the Kimara Lock but HHH is able to use his strength and sends Lesnar crashing to the mat. Lesnar gets hit in the balls by HHH, who goes to the outside and begin to smash Lesnar’s arm on the post with a chair. HHH has the Kimura Lock on Lesnar and Paul Heyman comes into the ring to help, only to be hit with Sweet Chin Music by HBK. Lesnar gets to his feet and smashes HHH’s back on the steel steps. HHH once again locks in the Kimura but Lesnar powers out again.

HHH DDT’s Lesnar on the Steel Steps and grabs his sledgehammer, smashing Lesnar in the head with it. HHH hits the Pedigree on Lesnar ontop of the Steel Steps for the win.


HHH poses on the steel steps with his sledgehammer and hugs HBK.

A promo for WWE Extreme Rules is shown, followed by a trailer for The Rock’s next movie.

A recap of the Hall of Fame Ceremony from Last Night is Shown.

Howard Finkel is in the ring and brings out the Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

A promo video for Wrestlemania 20 in New Orleans is shown.

Justin Roberts announced that 80, 676 people are in attendance for Wrestlemania!

The Gods have smiled on us! Team Ton of Funk vs Team Rhodes Scholars has been cancelled!

John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos, nothing special about his entrance this year.

The Rock makes his way down to the ring holding the most precious prize in ALL of entertainment, the WWE Championship.

Justin Roberts is in the ring and gives the champion and challenger their introductions.

WWE Championship Match
The Rock (c) vs John Cena

Here we go! Rock vs Cena 2! Cena puts The Rock in a headlock and hits a shoulder tackle. They lock up again in the middle of the ring but this time it is The Rock with a shoulder tackle as both men are feeling each other out. The Rock hits Cena with a hip toss and he rolls out of the ring to get his barrings. Cena is back in the ring and they match pauses as champion and challenger look out into the crowd.

John Cena is being extra careful but he is met with a clothesline by The Rock who sends Cena into the corner with a hard Irish whip. The Rock goes to the outside and elbows Cena’s throat on the apron. Back in the ring, Cena locks Rock into a necklock who powers out of it only to be met with another necklock. Cena knees The Rock in the gut and slams him into the mat for two then locks in another necklock.

The Rock puts John Cena into the Sleeperhold but John Cena gets out of it and walks into a Samoan Drop. The pace of this match is very slow. John Cena hits The Rock with a Fisherman’s suplex for two. The Rock comes out of the corner, but Cena goes for a shoulder tackler, only to miss. Cena goes for the Spin Out Powerbomb but The Rock counters into the Sharpshooter only for Cena to power out and hit his Spin Out Powerbomb. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but The Rock breaks out and hits a DDT. Cena hits the Spinner Bomb again and nails the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.

The Rock hits a Spinbuster and goes for the People’s Elbow but Cena counters into the STF and The Rock powers out of it. The Rock hits The Rock Bottom for 2 and Cena hits the AA for 2. Cena comes off the top rope for his leg drop but he misses and The Rock hits another spinebuster followed by The People’s Elbow for 2 and then John Cena rolls out of the ring. The Rock rolls John Cena back into the ring and we begin a Yay/No punch duel. The Rock goes for a flying crossbody into an AA but The Rock counters with the Rock Bottom for 2.

The Rock goes for the 5 Knuckles Shuffle but John Cena pops out and hits the AA, shades of last year only reversed, but The Rock kicks out at 2. We have another Yay/No deul in the middle of the ring which ends with a roll up by Cena for two. John Cena hits The Rock with The Rock Bottom but he is only able to get two. John Cena goes for the People’s Elbow like he did last year but John Cena catches The Rock as he pops up and goes for the AA, only for The Rock to hit the Rock Bottom again, again getting only two.

John Cena and The Rock counter each other’s finishers at least 4 times before The Rock hits a DDT. The Rock lies in wait but John Cena once again counters with the AA, this time popping ontop of The Rock as he bounces off the mat, scoring the win. John Cena has found redemption!

WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

John Cena and The Rock stand in the middle of the ring with each other and shake hands. John Cena leaves the ring and allows The Rock to have a moment in the sun and leaves the ring. The Rock goes around the ring and hugs his family. The show comes to a close with John Cena and The Rock raising each other’s arms at the entrance way as fireworks explode in the background.

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