New Audible System and Hot Routes in Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 has taken a giant leap forward on offense by making major improvements to the audible and hot route system. These changes reflect the realistic, on-the-fly adjustments made in an NFL game. Whether a seasoned veteran like Peyton Manning or an up-and-coming star like Robert Griffin III, wholesale changes to a play have restrictions and requirements that allow your personnel to be successful.


Gone are the days of the five preset audibles available before jumping into a game. Now each formation has four formation set audibles that allow you to scroll through your on-field personnel. These new audibles can be customized through the in-game playbook menu or when creating a custom playbook.

Also new to Madden NFL 25’s audible system is the ability to change formations at the line of scrimmage. However, you can only change to another formation with the same personnel grouping. When changing to a new formation, you now have access to four new set audibles. Bring up the audible screen by pressing X on Xbox 360 and Square on PS3, then cycle through the available formations with the left stick (LS). To select a new play and formation, simply press the corresponding button for the new play that is displayed by name in the menu.


New hot routes in Madden NFL 25 are accessible by choosing different positions to send on a new route. These new routes are based on formation and positions. For example, the outside receiver can now run a comeback route, smoke screen, or no pass block.

Here is the full list of new hot routes in Madden NFL 25:

Outside WR
Smoke Screen
No Pass Block

Slot WR
No Pass Block

Pass Block

Swing Right/Left
Block and Release

Become a strategic genius in Madden NFL 25 by reading the defensive coverage, then changing to a new set or play like the great Peyton Manning.  Playing in a Connected Franchise as a NFL player has never been more dynamic. Choose your path to success and have a lot of fun doing it along the way.

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