Position Changes in Madden NFL 25

One of the most requested fan features is back for Madden NFL 25 in position changes. Want to make the hypothetical a reality and turn Tim Tebow into your team’s starting TE? Go for it! How about moving Ryan Tannehill to WR or Josh Cribbs to QB like they played in college? Now you can.

With Madden NFL 25, you can make position changes at any point in the offseason of your Connected Franchise. You can also make all position changes on your roster and then bring that custom roster into the beginning of your Connected Franchise.

Players will also see their ratings accurately reflect their position change based on the realistic difficulty curve of changing positions in the NFL. If for example you want to move Tebow from QB to TE, he will receive an awareness penalty to reflect such a drastic and difficult position change. If however, you are a little deeper at Right Guard, you can opt to move one to Center with no ratings penalty.

Commissioners in Franchise mode can limit which positions can move where. However, commissioners can import a roster file when starting their Connected Franchise that includes any position changes.

Position changes are just one of the many things you can edit about a player in Madden NFL 25.

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