TSG Pressbox: Episode 2

In this episode the boys over at TSG Pressbox analyze the league and give out the numbers 32-16 in the TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1 Power Rankings. These rankings were not voted on by them, but rather voted on by the voting committee. They are just the messengers, so don’t shoot them for your rank, just maybe their comments! Enjoy & tune in next week for the 2nd half of the TSG Madden 15 CF Season 1 Power Rankings, including some extra special guests.

One thought on “TSG Pressbox: Episode 2”

  1. Loving the podcast first off. But just to add fact: I didn’t trade wagner. I did trade Sherman and Wilson. It wasn’t sweet talk. It was Korn is winning to much because I had sherman etc. So I got tired of the I can’t win statments and paid for it.

    It won’t happen again. I’m loving the seahawks right now with Pete Carroll as the coach and the way he finds talent plus bring in some USC players; really makes me feel at home with this team. I’ve been a USC fan for awhile. (since Bush and Leinart)

    Expect my GM skills to really show this year. Most of TSG knows. Other GM’s will tell you I’m one of the hardest people to trade wit. It has to make sense!

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