TSG FIFA 14 Tournament Formation

As the TSG Madden 25 Franchise came to another great finish, and with no NCAA 15 this year, the members of TSG were still looking to compete and found a great opportunity in FIFA14 to do so. First let me say that I am amazed at how good the game is, I had no idea, and with this Summer being a World Cup Year, it just gave me a all new prospective for soccer as a whole. The EA Access app dropping giving all users availability to download and play FIFA was perfect for those to get a chance to play such a GREAT sports title.
Spending most of my days while waiting for Madden 15 updates and roster releases, I’ve been battling with Jersey Rebel,Tonic222, and King 5x Champ, I took it upon myself to create and manage aTSG FIFA Championship Tourney for all that were interested.

I found 16 brave souls that wanted to play and test the waters, some TSG gamers and some other friends, including  an Aussie gamer! The field was star studded with teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Everton, Athletico Madrid and Liverpool. The best of the best of FIFA 14!


I decided to do both a Round Robin Round and a Single Game Elimination Round!
I hosted the round robin selection on The CSSN – Capt Save’s Sport Network aka twitch.tv/rsaii. A simple random name out the hat drawing for all to view to show there was no collusion in picking. And I think it worked well, the field was virtually spread out great.
(4) Groups. A-D with (4)Teams in each group. Every team in there group were to play each player 2 times, once at home, and once away. The seeding was to be 1-16 with everyone moving on to the actual elimination round. In the round robin round, the Wins, Draws, and Losses were all taken into count as well as the Goal Scored used for tie breaking situations. For the Elimination Round, if the game ended in result of a tie, the users were to start another game with, “Golden Goal Rules” – First goal wins.

Manual vs Assisted – The Great Debate

Now THIS was the MAJOR issue during the tourney. With some gamers more experienced than others or accustomed to particular style, trying to get two users with opposing play styles was the biggest headache. The best scenario we came up with was “House Rules” if you were the home team and wanted to play assisted you could.
So here was my jest, as a “Manual” user, I feel like the this is the ONLY way to play FIFA, no other sports games I play gives me “help” when I play, why should I get help in FIFA. The first time I played an “Assisted” game I was able to score 4 goals with EASE, as the crosses and headers were AUTOMATIC. I just felt like it was it was EASY and it would show with the assisted users in the round robin with Real Madrid going 6-0 and scoring 24 goals. Clearly giving Ronaldo computer assistance gives that team the upper hand.
The “Assisted” guys made there claim as they needed help because they weren’t that good. But the scores were so unsim on assisted. The (2) 6-0 guys, one with 24 goals and the other with 13 goals, one was Manual and the other was Assisted, guess who was who. It got to the point where some of the “assisted” guys were hosting games on manual so that it would be harder for the teams with the ELITE scorers like Ronaldo and Messi to score.
I think we can go back and forth on this for a long time, hopefully we an get everyone on manual for FIFA 15 and continue to develop a FIFA tourney, although rumor has it that FIFA 15 does have online seasons which would be amazing. The TSG rumor is that FIFA might take place of the 2K online franchise if there isn’t a fully functional league, but thats for another blog.
We are well into the elimination round of the TSG Championship Cup Tourney and looks like we well be concluding soon in the near future. Stay tuned to thesimgamer.com for the results.

– Your Capt Speaking

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