TSG M15 CF, Season 3 End of the Year Review

Falcons (Don) – Being known as the richest man in the TSG family coach Don Figures really hasn’t showing anything else in m15 except that he knows how to make money. After trading away franchise QB Matt Ryan. The present and future looks bleak for Altanta Falcons and with coach Don at the helm will the lowly Falcons ever become a factor? Odds are….NO!


Rams (Blky) – Coach Blky a man of very few words. Except from his rants every now and then in media sessions.  Coach Blky hasnt really shown any signs of becoming a force in an ultra competitive NFC West but with a possible number one pick on the horizon Coach blky is going to need more than talent hes going to need dedication if he ever wants to become a household name in TSG.


Colts (GBBACK) – The Colts have become the coaching the carousel of TSG with 3 different coaches in 3 seasons and a 4th now prior to the draft. The Colts lands at the bottom of our list, with a boat load of talent in Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton will anyone ever bring the colts back to there glory days?


Bears (Sskills40) –  Hard work and dedication are the words heard echoed through the bears training faculties still no wins have come on the field. After a season one fire sale the bears are continuing to retool and rebuild an offense and defense that ranked last in the league. The 3-13 bears are looking to change it fortune this coming up year but with a new coach can they reach new heights or will we see the bears in the bottom half of the league for the next few seasons.


Packers (pogi) – Another team loaded with talent and still cant seem to figure out how to win. Coach Pogi went away from a team built to pass the ball too more of a  run heavy game which resulted in 4 wins on the seasons. After a having a mid season trade vetoed Coach pogi looks to build on momentum he gained this season. Does that mean more wins?


Lions (slu) – Holding several head coaching positions in the past Coach Slu is no stranger too competition. After agreeing to become the head coach of the lions Coach slu has been in a upward battle after realizing superstar WR Calvin Johnson skills have diminished. The question is did Coach Slu be able to find the stud WR the lions are sorely lacking?


Seahawks (Korn) – Practice! Practice! Who Practices?!?!?! When you are the madden powered Seahawks all you need to do is practice. Will Coach Korn ever practice?



Chiefs (hawk/Downsindrom) – Coach Hawk is somewhat of a mystery with his team being in cap hell. Many are starting to wonder if Coach Hawk even has the heart to remain with the Chiefs & he didn’t as he exited prior to week 1. Enter new coach Downsindrom, and a big question as to if this team is better off. But with Jammal Charles as the cornerstone of the franchise the Chiefs job will always be a team to look out for especially in the weak AFC West.


Bills (Cowboys2k9) – After season 1 the Bills were riding high after a 12-4 season and team blazing with confidence. But the past 2 seasons coach have been anything but that. Word on the street was that Coach Cowboys was dealing with some personal issues that kept him unfocused for many of his games. But in a competitive league like TSG excuses don’t count and only wins matters. And being 1 of 2 teams to beat Coach Ninja and his Pats things are beginning to look up in Buffalo?


Eagles (tonic) – If its not a blown coverage or a bad call on the goaline Coach Tonic finds new ways to lose games. One of the better coaches in years past Coach Tonic is still trying to find his winning ways in m15. Rumors have it that prized RB McCoy could be on his way out but whispers out of the front say those rumors are premature. Something needs to be done in Philly  and something fast because they are becoming the laughing stock of the league.


Steelers (blitzburg) – After a season to forget in Pittsburg. Coach blitzburg and the steelers look to right the ship and with a year under his belt QB Stavros Howard looks to bounce back after a decent rookie campaign but the bigger question will be if Coach Blitzburg has the mental fortitude to compete in the always tough AFC North.



Broncos (rj)  – If you listened to the Broncos radio show you would know the fans are unhappy in Denver and you could say the same for Coach Rj. After growing frustrated with his team lack of discipline on game day. Coach Rj is at a crossroads with a 5-11 team. With a 2nd year QB T. Noble at the helm is it time to shake things up once again? Or will it take more practice time? Either way the Broncos have questions that need to be answered rather quickly especially after Coach Bo fell from his perch this year the AFC West is ripe for the taking. And knowing Coach Rj and his Broncos have Coach Bo and the Raiders number could next year be the Broncos year?


Jaguars ( RicoMan) – Coach Rico man and the jaguars have remained in obscurity for much of m15. After drafting pretty well in each of the last 2 drafts. The Jags have yet to see any positive results on the field and with injury riddled QBs things are looking worse for Coach Rico Man. Can Coach Rico find the QB to lead him to promise land?


Panthers (Goatbeno) – Coach Beno and his Panthers were named the most improved coach/team in season 2. What happened to Coach Beno in season 3 is anyone answer. We tried speaking to Coach Capt about his team Chainwax member but he stated “ Mannnnnnn! That’s his team. You gotta ask him.” Coach Beno has remained very quiet lately just stating he lost his mojo this year.


Dolphins (Mckay) – After drafting stud WR “The Giant” Doug Baldwin coach Mckay went into the offseason looking for a QB and had QB. R. Tannihill on the block, the dolphins are yet another team in need of a premier quarterback but are stuck with Tannihill for now. Then after snagging RB. A Foster during a mid season trade Coach Mckay he promptly cut him in the offseason. He made some moves in the draft & is looking to strike while the iron is still hot but in the competitive AFC East the dolphins will that be enough?


Redskins (Monkey) – The redskins are one of those teams on paper that look the part with QB Mike Glennon, 2 stud WRs (one winning OROY) a formidable running attack and a stout offensive line. You would think Coach Monkey would have one of the top teams in the NFC. But that’s why they play the game. And the redskins didn’t win many failing to win .500 or better. But with much of his team returning could Washington be a sleeper?


Ravens (Blizz) – One of the more confusing coaches in tsg Coach Blizz unorthodox play continues to keep him in games but poor decision making down the stretch caused the ravens to lose a number of close games and potentially a playoff spot in a wide open AFC North, but reports have it that the Ravens are looking for a pocket passer to go along with there high power air attack this off season.


Cowboys (real law) – After starting the season 8-1 the cowboys hit a dry spell dropping 5 straight at one point but still managed to recover and snag a playoff berth. But it was one and done for the cowboys who just couldn’t find their early season rhythm late in the season.  And now Coach law went into the off season where he decided to let his assistants do majority of the work for him. Time will only tell if this was the right decision for this franchise.


Jets (Sincer) – Coach Sin showed he was a force in the AFC after proving many observers wrong winning 10+ games in each of his two seasons in the league. But this offseason Coach Sin had many decisions in front of him. Most importantly he traded QB M. Glennon, but they still have the rest of the pieces to this offensive juggernaut with talented OROY RB R. Myrick and superstar WRs J. Chapman and Trey Ewing. But with QB M. Glennon gone who will be taking snaps under center. Many are wondering Coach sin will do.


Raiders (Bo) – The 3 time AFC West champs were finally dethroned this year and word out of Oakland Coach Bo is coming back next year with a vengeance. Feeling rejuvenated Coach Bo is planning to take back what he calls “His Division” What will Raiders have in store for the league next season?


Cardinals (Twon) – After a Super Bowl hangover Coach Twon found his cardinals looking on the outside in as his chance for a wildcard spot were diminished with a regular season finale lost to the Saints. Many have speculated if Coach Twon has the offensive firepower to return back to the Super Bowl but with the return of WR. T. Berry. The cards look to reshape the landscape of the NFC and make a return back to the playoffs. The question is if they do will they be able to make another magical playoff run?


Giants (takeout) – Coach Takeout and the Giants have more questions then answers heading into this offseason. After being a one and done in the playoffs for two of the past 3 seasons coach Takeout is wondering what will it take too advance further. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Giants blow things up or will they continue with the success they have built over the past few seasons.


Browns (Dawgpound) – The browns were definitely the most improved team this season. After failing to make the playoffs the previous 2 seasons Coach DP showed that having the best QB in the league will equal wins. During the end of the season meetings word has it speed demon WR. D. Thomas could be on his way. For what? Or what Browns are looking for are uncertain. Definitely a story we will want to look into later in the offseason.


Bucs (Frame) – Coach Frame got back to his winning ways this season and ultimately making another playoff run before being stopped by Coach Titan. However, Coach Frame sees a lot too look forward too with much needed experience the bucs future looks bright and this offseason can only get better for one of the better coaches in the league. How will the newly minted franchise QB RG3 fair & how will the defense look without Lavonte David are 2 burning questions.


Texans (DD) – M15 has been the year for Coach DD showing that he can compete with the best TSG has to offer you can never count coach DD out but after being upset in the wildcard round. Where does the Coach go from here? With the #2 defense in the league anchored by Mr. Everything JJ. Watt and J. Clowney and lead by WR becoming known as FLETCHER! On the offensive end the Texans look like super bowl contender. The question is can they win the games that matter?


Chargers (Rue) – Another surprising team the Chargers looked like bottom dwellers after suffering an embarrassing defeat to the Texans compiling a league low 10 yards of total offense but instead of packing in the bags. Coach Rue changed things around by going away from the pass and becoming more power run. It resulted in his first AFC West division crown and divisional playoff appearance. Now with team built full of confidence Coach Rue looks to go into next season on fire because he may have found what it takes to be major player in tsg.



Titans (chubbz) – Coach Chubbz bounced back and bounced back in a major way racking up a 15-2 record and showed if any team in the league had improved it was definitely the Titans, lead by DROY Q. Dupree and dynamic offensive Coach Chubbz found his winning ways. But came up short losing 10-9 to the afc representative New England Patriots. Now with a new season ahead Coach Chubbz will try to bounce yet again and see if he can make his first m15 SB appearance.



Vikings (Jay Killa)  – The master shredder of the league has done exactly that against opposing defenses in the league. Ranking #1 in offense Coach Killah has given coaches around the league headaches with his run and gun style offensive.  Many have said his gimmick offensive will not get him a ring but his #1 defense says otherwise, lead by A. Barr the Vikings are force to be reckon with this season and riding a 15 game winning streak. Although losing to Ninja in the SB, who in the NFC will stop Coach Killa and his 6…..or 7 plays?



Bengals (Cincy) – One of the best coaches in TSG history Coach Cincy continues to falters in the playoffs losing for the 3rd straight year in the playoffs to Coach Ninja and his Patriots. Possessing the tools on the both ends of the field Coach Cincy still haven’t found a way to out the Patriots in the playoffs and take home what he feels is rightfully his, a tsg m15 title. But with the off season ahead what changes will be in store?


Saints (capt) – Sliding in at the number 3 spot Mr. 43-5 Coach Capt Save a Ho. Like coach Ninja the regular season has been somewhat of a (Brees, lol) for the ole ball coach down south. But with an seemingly always big divisional/championship playoff battle on the horizon against arch rival Coach Titan of the 49ers, he cant get over that playoff hump. Will Coach Capt be able to get over the hump or will his mediocre playoff performances continue?



49ers (Titan) – The inaugural season one winner Coach Titan is back on the prowl for his 2nd M15 Super Bowl. Representing the BH clan Coach Titan has shown he does his talking on the field unlike his counterparts Coach titan and has proven he is one of the top coaches in TSG and doesn’t appear to be looking back as he prepares for his toughest season yet with an aging team. Will coach Titan continue his dominance with one of the better teams in M15?


Patriots (ninja) – The self-proclaimed TSG Goat Coach Ninja continues to rack up wins boasting the best regular season record (m15) in 3 seasons & has represented the AFC in all 3 SBs but after stumbling in the 1st 2 Super Bowls he got over the hump & won the 3rd Season SB over Jay Killa. Will season 4 be more of the same with ninja coming out of the AFC? Can someone dethrone him? Is he the real Peyton Manning of M15?

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