TSG Rivalries: Part 1

Rivalry, the very definition of the word tells you everything you need to know: the condition of being a rival or rivals; competition; antagonism. Throughout the last 7 years that TSG be has been around, we have had several top leagues over nearly every sport, people have come and gone, one thing remained the same, COMPETITION. There have been countless squabbles & complaints, great games & bad games, formation of groups & fighting amongst them, one common theme, ANTAGONISM. All of this boils down to the one thing that makes TSG great, RIVALRIES and the ability to unable to swallow a loss to your most “hated” foe.
In this series we are going to cover some of the best rivalries in TSG, whether new or old or by an entire group. At the end of this series we will give the people an opportunity to vote, to anoint who they feel the “best” rivalry is. Here are the 1st two rivalries, let the DEBATE begin.

Capt Save a Ohh vs Resisting Frame1

Longevity is one of the better words to describe this rivalry as it is one of the longest rivals in all of TSG. Establishing itself in the Fall of 2011, with the placement of Capt on his favorite team, the New Orleans Saints in Madden 12. Thus one of the greatest rivalries in TSG began, if you came to the NFC South you knew one thing, it was not your division, it was there. All of the division championships have been won by those 2 individuals & all but 2 seasons both of them have represented the South in the NFC Playoffs. Whether it was Frame’s outside run in Madden 25 or his penchant for luck in every other madden, or Capt’s unorthodox offense headed by QB/RB Tim Tebow (after Brees retired S1), this division is/was going to cause a problem in the NFC. Most likely one of them was going to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl with around 11 appearances between them, including 4 SB titles (1 Capt, 3 Frame).
Capt can beat Frame in the regular season, but when it comes to playoff time, Frame seems to have his number, often prompting Capt to hope someone else beats Frame before him. You are very likely to see one of these 2 have the bye week in the NFC Playoffs, which to Capt feels it’s a curse. These 2 during Madden 25 seemed to butt heads a lot, but as of late it seems the tensions have cooled. Whether it be from mutual respect or wanting to protect THEIR division from recent upstarts such as The Real Law or GoatBeno1, who have posed threats the last 2 Maddens. One thing is for sure, as long as these 2 are in the same division, you’re in for a tough road to even sniff the playoffs, GOOD LUCK!


Jesmonkey69 vs Tonic222

Old man, YouTuber, Loser, Internet Abuser, these are just a few words you may hear if you are in a Xbox Party with these two. The tension has always been there, the snarky remarks, the snide comments, but this really heated up when Jesmonkey69 joined the NFC East in Madden 25, taking his Washington Redskins. Then as the losses piled up for Tonic, the heat also burned hot. Tonic was “convinced” that the way Monkey was dominating (3 MVP’s, 5 DPOY, 1 SB, 7 Div Champs) that he had to be using the power of Google or YouTube to enhance his play. Either that or he just couldn’t stand losing to him & any excuse made it somewhat easier, because by all accounts Jesmonkey isn’t the easiest person to deal with, though he has calmed through the years. Known as TSG’s Resident A-hole on GroupMe, this commissioner is known for being blunt harsh and downright a jerk sometimes. He is also the type if you let him win, oh boy will he ever rub it in 24/7, 365 & knows how to annoy the heck out of you.
They are both quick to tell the other why the other is better at them than Madden. Whether it’s Tonic saying he doesn’t use YouTube or beat him on his way to a perfect Regular season, or whether it’s Monkey saying he has beat him into irrelevance since joining the East. With all this being said, if you didn’t know these 2 or the structure of the league, the way they have gone at it you may never know they are Co-Commissioners and have helped lead this league to greatness over the last 7 years. That is the beauty of this rivalry, even though they can’t stand each other during the game, moments leading up or the inevitable powering off moments after it’s over, these 2 work together like a charm & are actually friends outside of the Xbox world.


Look out for more entries into this new series called TSG Rivalries. Make sure you leave a comment below, check out our YouTube page, give a shout out on GroupMe, just spread the word & we will have more great content coming to you. Hope all of yall enjoyed this initial entry into the series!

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