TSG Rivalries: Honorable Mention

This in some people’s mind is not a rivalry at all, but to the members of this clique, this is definitely a beef situation. The Killuminati, one of the most notorious & winningest groups in all of TSG vs Commissioner Jesmonkey69. Two members specifically Twon da don & chubbzz0727 believe the rivalry is real, where as Jesmonkey69 says it is not & that they are brought down hard upon because of their boisterous actions bringing so much spotlight on themselves, that everyone is looking for reasons for them to be in trouble & thus get caught more.
Here is what one member of the Killuminati, Chubbzz0727 had to say:

Whether it be creating rules to quote “handicap” its members, ie; kick return rule, trading limits, play action rule or changing the difficulty level entirely, controversial rulings have been made to the detriment of this group on many an occasion.
For one example look no further than chubbzz v dawgpound Season 1, Madden 15. Up 19-0 with 2 min left on the clock with Browns facing a third and 15+ inside their own 10 the game d/c’ed. Anyone and everyone believed that game would be chubbzz v cpu or points given back and play on, but no, Monkey saw a chance to screw a Nati member to the wall and took it. The game was replayed fresh 0-0 as if chubbzz hadn’t clearly earned the Win in the first game. Fast forward two seasons and we are in the playoffs. Jay Killa and Mike Titan are in the 2nd qtr nearing half with Jay killa winning by 21 and low and behold they disconnect. However this time around Mr. Commissioner comes down with a ruling that threw many users for a loop. Jay killa was to be given his points that he earned in one half of play.
RRRRRIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHT….. One Nati member has even had two players suspended for a full season while someone who committed the same exact infraction went “unnoticed” and unpunished. Monkey is constantly trying to plant seeds within the group. Twisting words and comments in an attempt to disband this particular clique.  I could go on but i’ll leave it at this.
This is a rivalry that the TSG Commisioner himself continues to deny. However, if a poll was taken around the league, at least 80% of its voters would concede that the commissioner has it out for this particular group. Some say Killuminati brings this on themselves, with the wild and boisterous comments they make. Undermining Monkey’s authority at every turn used to be a thing of regularity for this faction. While the bad blood has simmered down some, the fact remains whenever Monkey is on the other side of the tv facing off with a Killuminati member they both are going all out in an effort to do more than just win the game, because they know that GroupMe thread is gonna be lit up with verbal abuse.
In response here is Commissioner Jesmonkey69:
Rivalry? This is no stinking rivalry. I have nothing against those guys. Mr Mckay, he is one of our big guys on the podcast; Cowboys2k9, has never been penalized once that I recall & I respect his game most of all members of the Killuminati. Have I had issues with Ninja, yeah, but who haven’t I at one point of time or another. Ninja is gonna help go over the rules, has been implementing suggestions for the league & is even a Junior Commissioner who helps Auto Players & Advances Games.
Chubbzz, I just don’t respect his game, I personally have always thought it was as close to the line as possible of non-sim, doing just what worked, yet he never has really broken many rules, therefore have not been hard on him in that aspect. He also tries to undermine my authority at any given opportunity, which makes him earn less respect.
Now as for Twon, yes that bum is my rival, hahaha. Ever since we locked horns in the AFC West, he won some, I won some, we will debate that until the end of time. I’ve knocked him out of the playoffs, he has done the same to me. Funny thing is, I enjoy playing Twon, I know he will sit in zone, disguise it well and have decent user skills. It is just up to me to dissect it. It’s usually always a good game, we will always talk trash to each other. Now yes he did get 2 players suspended for a year on Madden 25, due to trying to manipulate the cap and clear players just to get them cheaper. What was failed to be realized how he was caught, is that he announced in a party what he “did” and numerous members were livid and came to me about it. It had pretty much got to the point that, if he got away with it everyone will.
As for making up rules for them specifically, I laugh at that, the Play-action rule, we got tired of multiple people abusing the play-action in ways that the majority of the NFL doesn’t, this is a sim league! If you see it happens 1-4 times a season (NFL) out of the 1000’s of plays called, we shouldn’t see it 500 times in our league, so the easiest way to get more realistic is to limit it. I admitted I made a mistake on the Chubbzz vs Dawgpound game, the rules were worded wrong from a previous edit before the M15 league started, therefore I was going off the wrong rules. I’m human, I made a mistake. Also I was ready to rule the same way in the Killa vs Titan game as I did in the Chubbzz game until Orig1nal Hawk pointed out what the rule actually said. Rules are changed to better the League not to limit a person or a group.
Now they get caught a lot more due to their braggadocious attitude, they have a target on their back, not by me, but by the entire community, the rivalry should actually be Killuminati vs Rest of TSG.
Rivalry, maybe. The maybe is what gives this an honorable mention. From one side, they think the Commissioner is against them. From the other side, the Commissioner thinks he is just doing his job & they are so high-profile is why they tend to get caught. Rivalry or not, you decide in the comments below!

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