In order to add a deeper level of immersion on the field for Madden NFL 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation®4- we took a new approach to sound design in-game. In order to achieve this, we turned to Foley – a technique in which every day sound effects are added to the game to enhance the audio quality. The technique is named after Jack Foley, who established the basic modern techniques still used today.

These sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing, to the clashing of plastic objects. Foley artists look to recreate the realistic, ambient sounds you would expect to hear at a football game to ensure the sound design is as authentic as possible.

The way Foley sound is captured for a game is much different for how it’s produced for a movie. For Madden NFL 17, different sounds were captured at different times – so it was important that everything flows together once the end product is stitched and put together. It was important to create an organic, flowing, ‘moving soundtrack’ – where sound effects from the crowd, sidelines and players all seamlessly blends together.

As with all things Madden NFL, it was crucial that we kept the sound design authentic. While we utilized some uncommon football items to capture the sounds of the game – it was important that we used actual pads and helmets, using the same mics used during an NFL broadcast, in both indoor and outdoor environments. With everything in today’s age going HD – the sound needed to be represented in the same way. We wanted to bring out the high fidelity and high detail in some of the smaller sounds of the game. So now, you are going to hear things you’ve never heard before in a Madden NFL game.

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