Today kicks off a new era for Madden NFL competitors.  The Madden NFL 17 Championship Series on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 brings fitting rewards for Madden NFL’s finest talent.  And there’s  $1,000,000 in guaranteed cash prizes on the line. The series will run from August-June and gives gamers multiple chances to qualify for the Madden NFL 17 Championship.

The year-long competitive circuit will bring together the best Madden NFL competitors, several times per year at live tournaments.  The competitive journey starts online where Madden NFL gamers can play ranked games and climb online leaderboards in order to earn their spot in one of the four EA Major events.  Competitors will earn Series Points based on their placement at EA Sanctioned events.

_**Madden NFL 17 Championship Series: The Majors**_

  • Madden Classic (Fall)
  • Madden Bowl (Winter)
  • Madden Challenge (Spring)
  • Madden Championship (Summer)

In addition to the four EA Majors, independent tournament organizers will have the opportunity to apply to become an EA Sanctioned Event. These events will round out the year long series of events and provide additional opportunities to qualify for the Madden NFL 17 Championship.

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