It’s all about putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Every team needs defensive ends that can pin their ears back and put pressure on the offense.

Here are the top-rated defensive ends in Madden NFL 17.

Watt is the not only the best defensive linemen in Madden NFL 17 but one of the most versatile. He will be great in run support with 97 strength and 98 block shedding and can rush the passer with 99 power move. Not to mention that Watt has 78 catch to mix in with all the new special team plays in this year’s game.

Casey is a bright spot on the Titans defense. He has the skills to do just about everything in the Titans defensive scheme. With 91 strength and 98 power move he can dominate in stopping the run and rushing the passer.

Graham is a new addition to the upper echelon of defensive linemen in Madden NFL 17. In fact, his OVR has risen from 86 to 92 in just one season. He is a pass rusher first so look to utilize him on 3rd and long situations to get after opposing quarterbacks.

Daniels doesn’t wow you with any one rating, but he is one of the most balanced defensive linemen in the game. With 75 speed, 88 strength, 96 finesse move, and 90 block shedding he is capable of playing every single down for the Packers this season.

Vernon will play the role of premiere pass rusher for the Giants in Madden NFL 17. He has the athleticism to take over games by getting after the quarterback with his 81 speed and 87 acceleration.

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