Outside linebackers are becoming more important to the success of defenses around the league. Their versatility allows defensive coordinators to use them in multiple ways whether it be in pass coverage or rushing the passer.

Here are the top-rated outside linebackers in Madden NFL 17.

What can’t Von Miller do? The Super Bowl MVP is the league’s best pure pass rusher and will once again strike fear in opposing quarterbacks in Madden NFL 17. Look to move Miller to defensive end in 3rd and long situations to utilize his pass rush abilities.

You won’t have to worry about Houston and his game to game matchup, as he is one of the best pass rushing linebackers in Madden NFL 17. Not only can he get after opposing quarterbacks, but he can play in run support as well with 93 block shedding.

Mack is a rising star for the Oakland Raiders and showed last season that he is one of the leagues best. Mack has the ability to rush the passer, but also has the skill set to drop into coverage if needed.

McPhee is an emerging star for the Bears heading into this season. He is one of the strongest linebackers in the game with 92 strength and one of the best run support edge defenders with 94 block shedding.

Hightower does it all for the Patriots defense. He can play inside if needed, outside in coverage situations, and even has the ability to rush the passer on 3rd downs. His rare blend of speed, size, and coverage ability allows him to play every single down for the reigning AFC East Champions.

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